NEIGHhem Musicians

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

Are you ready to ROCK? There will be two amazing nights of rock and rhythm this year! Friday & Saturday NEIGHhem!


AchieveHunter1Hello there everybody, I'm AchieveHunter1 and I'm happy to be here with all of you. I'm just a regular guy who loves doing different things in life. I'm originally known for Video Vlogs for Conventions on YouTube. I also love performing as a DJ on the Renegade Stage at any Con I go to. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to perform on the Mane Stage for you all. Let's Do This! Twitter


BlueBronyTake a musical journey through Equestria with BlueBrony: From heart-pumping orchestral to hoof-tapping ponyfunk, head-bopping electro to tear-jerking piano, there's a song for just about everypony! BlueBrony has been making pony music since 2015, and has participated in several fandom projects. YouTube Twitter Bandcamp

Canto & Thrack

Canto & ThrackCanto & Thrack bring rock and acoustic performances guaranteed to make you vibe out and have a good time. Classic fandom covers and exciting new originals fun for everypony! Twitter


ElectroKaplosionElectroKaplosion makes mare music sometimes, but thinks you should play MareQuest on steam at all times. YouTube Twitter Steam


EvershadeSince their first main stage appearance at Babscon Online 2021, Evershade has been excited to perform their first Babscon in-person set for you all! Expect to be grooving to the electronic dance and pop tracks in a fabulous spectacle that they have planned for you. Experience some familiar and even some new tunes that will get you on your feet— er... hooves! YouTube Twitter Bandcamp

John Kenza

John KenzaJohn Kenza is music producer and DJ specializing in melodic and electronic music. He is no stranger to the Brony fandom and has been creating pony content since 2013. Get ready for euphoric melodies, powerful basslines, and even some exclusive music! YouTube


KoaRiding the line between sillypilled chaos and edgelord energy is Koa, the notorious changeling of pop. Twitter BlueSky YouTube


MCMIAGOne of the premiere hip-hop producers in the fandom since 2011! Pony lo-fi, Pony trap, Pony reggae, Pony mashups! Get ready for FLUTTERSHY YAYS and airhorns and possibly random snippets of Billy Mays selling OxiClean™ Twitter

Metal Core Pony

Metal Core PonyMetal Core Pony (MCP for short) is an old-time brony musician, delivering hard-hitting and melodic metal tunes for all to hear. Come rock out, headbang, and flail about as he jams and sings his heart out for you all to enjoy! YouTube Twitter Facebook


Nexgenrap game So Great and Powerful Twitter


PegasYsMixing Chiptune with the hardest bass and sweetest vocals this side of Maretime Bay, PegasYs will do everything he can to move you. You just have to let the 8-bit bops into your soul! Give him a chance, give him a dance, wiggle your pants! Twitter YouTube

My Little Romance

My Little RomancePrinceWhateverer & MelodyBrony present: My Little Romance! Equestria’s premiere MCR tribute band here to play some classic tunes (and some of our own) that are sure to have you yelling “WE’RE EMOOOO!!!” Twitter Youtube - PrinceWhateverer Linktree - MelodyBrony Youtube - Turquoise Splash Twitter - Turquoise Spash


ProwoxA Brony DJ from Finland who started out performing at various online events during the pandemic, but has since also performed at a few in person events like Trotcon, Harmonycon and his local Poniconi. Due to an obsession with the pony music scene you can expect a mix of the latest bangers, old fandom classics and some hidden gems. All of them pony, of course. Twitter YouTube

The Wonderbolts!

The Wonderbolts!The Wonderbolts! have been rocking the Pony music scene since 2014. Now in their tenth year, they are proud and thrilled to bring their special brand of Rock and Roll to BABScon for the first time! Twitter

FL0 & Shuffle

FL0 & ShuffleDo you like Pretty Rave Mares? Crazy wubs? If so you don't wanna miss the best Vale & FL0 and Shuffle tracks that are sure to have your heart pounding and hooves stomping :)

Gegagedigedagedago - FL0 Twitter YouTube - Vale & FL0 YouTube - Shuffle

VinylTastic x Chang31ing

VinylTasticDJ VinylTastic is ready to drop the bass with his electrifying, bass pumping, full throttle sets full of electro house, bounce & dubstep.

After joining forces with PonyvilleFM and taking the world by storm with his radio show “Scratching The Surface”, VinylTastic then went onto making his debut on Stage at BABScon 2017, and later on at several cons such as Everfree Northwest, Nightmare Nights, Ponyville Ciderfest, Whinny City, High Roller & Bronycon.

Following his electrifying performances across the US in 2023. VinylTastic is back and ready to throw down in his backyard of Sunny San Francisco! Twitter - VinylTastic

Chang31ingBox YouTube - Chang31ing

Sing-along with Pinkaboo, Canto and Thrack

Sing-along with Pinkaboo, Canto and ThrackGather around and sing along with Pinkaboo, Canto and Thrack! Pinkaboo returns to the floor with a few new friends to sing some familiar songs from the show and fandom.

Odyssey Eurobeat

Odyssey EurobeatOdyssey Eurobeat (aka Eurobeat Brony, Ken Blast from the Initial D series, J. Stebbins, etc…) is a producer and performer from the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in Eurobeat music. From penning the first currently-documented remix of a song from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, to writing such ubiquitous hits as Luna and the original Discord, she has been a powerful force for both music in the brony fandom and Eurobeat in general. Website YouTube Twitch Twitter

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