Cosplay Contest 2024 Judges

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

The most fair judges for the most fun con

We’re excited to announce our 2024 Cosplay judges:

Terra Klysh

Terra has been cosplaying since 2012. With over a decade of experience, Terra has been very active in the MLP community as a cosplayer, winning multiple Best-in-show awards at different conventions and organizing cosplay competitions and events for other conventions. Terra is also an electrical engineering student and often ties her studies into making and innovating various cosplays to help bring the magic of the show we all love into our reality.

Duncan Klysh

Duncan Klysh is a seasoned cosplayer and medieval reenactment enthusiast with a passion for various nerd fandoms, spanning anime, Marvel, and My Little Pony. Since 2010, Duncan has skillfully portrayed characters like Link, a Warhammer 40k guardsman officer, Ash from Pokémon, Kirito from Sword Art Online, and more, even delving into crossplay. His primary expertise lies in leatherwork, crafting intricate bags and armor, as well as prop making using materials like PVC pipe, wood, lights, and other elements. Duncan's achievements include co-winning the Everfree NW cosplay contest in 2019 for his Tempest Shadow cosplay and claiming first place at Trotcon 2021 with his meticulously hand-stitched Rock Hoof costume. He actively supports the cosplay community through Klysh Kosplay, a group he co-founded, and has pioneered efforts to improve the fairness and efficiency of cosplay contests, exemplified by his role in overhauling the Everfree Northwest contest management system in 2023. Duncan's dedication extends beyond the stage, where he strives to foster inclusivity and eliminate bias within the cosplay community, contributing to a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all.


Dawncaller, with over 15 years behind the sewing machine, is a seasoned artisan whose expertise extends far beyond conventional boundaries. Immersed in historical methods, she dedicated the majority of her time to historical reenactment groups and LARPs, accumulating an impressive collection of more than a dozen awards. While her primary focus lies in the intricate art of sewing, Dawncaller's creative prowess knows no bounds as she seamlessly navigates various mediums, from the delicate world of beading to the vibrant realm of paints and beyond. Her multifaceted skills and unwavering dedication mark Dawncaller as a true maestro of the craft, weaving a tapestry of creativity that transcends the ordinary.

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