Party Floor Policy

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

About the Party Floor

BABSCon places great value on our party scene, and to that extent has set up a section of the hotel specifically for community-run parties during the Friday and Saturday con nights.

Reserving a Spot

Book your hotel room as a regular attendee. After making a reservation, write to us at to have your reservation transferred to the party floor. Send us your name, confirmation number and the nights for which you want a party room. We will use this information to move your reservation onto the party floor before the start of the convention. A regular party room must hold a public party Friday and/or Saturday night.

In addition to regular rooms, we have a few parlour suites available on the party floor. These are bigger rooms that can hold more party than the standard hotel rooms. Party floor parlour suites must be booked for the entire convention (Thursday or Friday check-in to Sunday or Monday check-out). Those booking one of the parlour suites must hold a public party on both Friday night and Saturday night. Parlour suites also have an attached room that can also be reserved with a second reservation.


The party floor is considered convention space and is included within our contract with the hotel. This official policy aims to clarify how the party floor works, what you can expect from other people on the floor, and from BABSCon’s staff.

  1. BABSCon has a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal substances. Any violation of this rule at a party will result in the party being shut down. There will be no exceptions! Violators may be subject not only to expulsion from the convention, but also to the Hotel’s rules regarding illicit activity, which may include expulsion from the hotel and/or the contacting of appropriate authorities.
  2. Making alcohol available to those under the age of 21 years is strictly prohibited. The party host shall be responsible for carding anyone drinking alcohol. “I didn’t know they weren’t 21″ is not a justifiable excuse if someone under 21 years old is seen drinking alcohol. We have found that marking, banding, any other one-time verification is not sufficient, can be falsified, and a legal-aged drinker can be used as a runner for drinks. Hosts must maintain control of access to alcohol available in their parties. If an under-aged drinker obtains a drink while you were not looking, you are still responsible. If an under-aged drinker enters your party with alcohol from another party, you have become responsible.
  3. Know where ConOps is, and how to reach them by phone and foot. They can put you in touch with the Party Maven (for most issues) or convention security (FLARE) for health and safety issues.
  4. Selling drinks is not allowed. Selling tickets, suggested donations, or any form of up charge is equivalent to selling your drinks. A voluntary donation box is allowed.
  5. Please be aware of any guest who may be drinking excessively to the point that they may become a danger to themselves, others, or hotel property. Be aware of any non-threatening but disruptive behavior such as excessive yelling. Guests who cannot continue to function in a socially acceptable manner may face action from FLARE or hotel security.
  6. On Friday and Saturday nights there are no private parties allowed on the party floor. If you wish to have a private party (one that is exclusive only to a select group) please plan it for Thursday or Sunday night.
  7. Public parties are off-limits to non-convention attendees. Convention membership badges (day passes are OK) must be visible on each person. Upon the request of any convention executive staff member, the Party Maven, FLARE member, or hotel staff member, all persons in a party must show ID and/or their membership badge as requested. Executive staff and FLARE members can be identified by specially marked convention badges.
  8. The party host will be responsible for any damage to the room or hotel property within the room. You should report any damage to hotel property to the convention as soon as possible.
  9. Under no circumstances may you tamper with, disable, or otherwise impair the function of smoke detectors or air vents in the room. Doing so is a serious safety infraction that endangers the entire hotel. If they are tampered with in any way, the party will be shut down and hotel security will be notified, which may mean ejection from the hotel.
  10. Hosts and party attendees must follow directives of FLARE, hotel staff, convention executive staff, and the Party Maven. If you have issue with any of the directions, please follow them first, and then take it up with the BABSCon’s Hotel Liaison or the convention chair later.
  11. We greatly encourage you to make use of the convention theme for your parties, although it is not required.
  12. Enjoy your music but please remember: These are parties, not decibel contests. Please keep in mind that volume and excessive booze doesn’t necessarily make a good party, but creativity and variety will make your party stand out above all.
  13. Music must be turned down no later than 10:00pm. Even before then, music cannot be so loud that a person cannot hold a normal conversation. The Party Maven, FLARE, Executive on duty and Hotel staff have the final say on what is considered too loud.
  14. Speakers cannot be placed outside any hotel room.
  15. Before the convention, please send the dates and times of public parties to This helps us arrange room assignments so you can advertise ahead of time.
  16. The party host must be physically present at all times during their party, or inform the Party Maven of a replacement (over 21 years old) if you wish to leave the party floor area.
  17. During non-party hours, rooms on the party floor will be considered as regular guest rooms in the hotel with all rights and privileges for privacy.
  18. Have a great party! This policy only applies to situations where the hotel or convention feels the need to step in. Otherwise, we have a very hands-off policy for parties, and don’t want to be in anyone’s way of a good time.


If you have any questions or comments regarding our Party Floor Policy, please email

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