BABSCon 2024 Cosplay

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

Ready to show off your cosplay to the world? Come join Babscon 2024 and check out our various cosplay-focused events!

BABSCon Cosplay

BABScon is very happy to announce the return of our new and improved cosplay events! We are lucky enough to have some of the most creative, artistic people in our fandom, and we want to celebrate that uniqueness and shine a spotlight on all of our creative cosplayers in our community.
Don’t miss out on this Golden opportunity to show off your remarkable talent in bringing to life the characters we all know and love, who knows? It could be a ticket to something greater!
Please join us in bringing back cosplay chess and the return of our cosplay competition for a truly magical weekend that celebrates YOU!!!

BABSCon Cosplay Contest

Welcome to a realm where costumes are not merely fabric and thread, but portals to wondrous realms of fantasy. Imagine stepping into the shoes of your favorite characters, embodying their essence, and transcending reality itself. BABScon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular, beckons you to embrace the extraordinary and embark on an unforgettable journey.
And for those who dare to dream, the grand prize awaits! The winner of the BABScon Cosplay Contest shall be showered with accolades, adoration, and a golden ticket to explore the wonders of the convention, unlocking exclusive experiences and unforgettable memories.
So, don your most magnificent attire, gather your creative spirit, and join us at BABScon as we resurrect our magnificent Cosplay Contest. Let the magic guide you, and together, let's weave a tapestry of wonder, where the impossible becomes reality and the extraordinary becomes commonplace. The stage is set, the spotlight awaits—your cosplay adventure begins now!
To sign up for the grand return of our cosplay contest, please click the link below and we’ll see you there!

Cosplay Chess

Back by popular demand is Cosplay Chess, a unique event that allows cosplayers to showcase their talents in a life-sized game of chess. With thrilling improvised battles between cosplayers, while the audience cheers them on, and often laughs together, this event creates an unforgettable experience. Come join us at BABSCon and claim your place on the chessboard!

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