Ticketed Events

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

Every year we’re excited to offer unique experiences outside our standard programming, offering opportunities to paint, create, or just have fun with a party cannon. If you're interested in these special events, tickets can be purchased in advanced via the links below, or in-person at the Con Store.

See below for this year's limited events!

Leatherworking 101 with Klysh Kosplay

Friday, 2:30pm-4pm, Special Events
Price: $15
Ever interested in the intricacies of leatherworking? Well, come and join us as the fandom's foremost leatherworker, Duncan Klysh, explains how to work with leather and you'll have the opportunity to make your very own leather MLP keychain. Ticketed spots to make keychains are limited; spectators are still welcome and encouraged to attend!Purchase your Ticket


Friday, 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Special Events
Price: $45
Shadowbox: A 3D piece of framed papercraft. But how do you make one? And more importantly, would you like to make one yourself of a design that will ONLY be made at BABSCon 2024? Well then you're going to the right place! CosmicKeyframe will guide you! All pieces are cut and supplied to you, including the frame! Just bring your hands!Purchase your Ticket

Martial Brony Workshop

Friday, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Renegade Stage
Price: $20
Join the Martial Bronies in a hooves-on martial art workshop! Get a good workout, learn some cool moves, and enjoy a social occasion. No martial art experience required!Purchase your Ticket


Saturday, 2pm-4pm, Special Events
Price: $25
Scared to pick up a paint brush? No worries! In this painting workshop hosted by CosmicKeyframe, there are no brushes required! Join Cosmic as she teaches you different methods of the art of acrylic pouring, a beautiful gravity based artform where you pick your colors, fill your cup, and create something out of this world!Purchase your Ticket

Pinkie Party Cannon Panel

Saturday, 6pm-7pm, Mane Hall
Price: $5
To kickoff Saturday Night Neighhem, Guest of Honor Pinkie Pie will be firing candy, Queen Quake plushies, and other merch from her party cannon into the audience.Purchase your Ticket

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