Community Guests

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

The Best Guests From Around the Fandom!

Each year we bring in artists, animators, crafters, game makers, and YouTubers from best parts of the fandom and give them the spotlight at BABSCon. From panels and special events to games and sneak peaks, our Community Guests add a whole new level of awesome to BABS.

We’re excited for a full line up of community guests for 2024!

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ChocoponyChocolate Pony is the original Design Lead for BABSCon, having designed Silver Span and assist with Golden Gate's current design. They grew up in the Bay Area and is known for their informative narrative arts and history panels, Convention History Project, as well as for their artwork, flags, tarot cards, and comics. They return to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the con they helped built. Website Twitter


CosmicKeyframeCosmicKeyframe is a creator from the cosmos and beyond! Whether she's making shadowboxes in the vendor hall and running around on the charity auction stage, Cosmic is also creating videos for herself, or being part of Team Saberspark, onscreen talent at DAGames, or on SaltyDKDans "Pokemon Friendlocke".


DawnsomewhereDawn Somewhere is the writer and and voice actor behind Rainbow Dash Presents and the Mentally Advanced series, both of which were well known in their heydey for lampooning Generation 4 and fanfiction alike. Today he carries on as an entertainer through obscure podcasts about roleplaying, where he continues to have vivid arguments with himself about fictional events. YouTube Twitter Facebook


DustykattDustykatt – The Man, the Myth………Legend? Probably not, you see he is just a goofball doing his thing and taking people along for the crazy ride that is his life. Over the years of this wild Brony fandom, he's been an original member of Bronies React, played the Australian in the TF2 Analysis Anarchy series, voice acted as Thatch in the Thatch and Dial YouTube series alongside Mandopony as well as parts in the East Corp productions of Fallout Equestria. Twitter

Jack Scootertrix

Jack ScootertrixHello. I created Scootertrix the Abridged and make Generation 1 abridged videos! I can also juggle! A jack of all trades basically. Youtube Twitter

Minty Root

Minty RootMinty Root is a Canadian fan animator turned industry professional for the movie industry. You may recognize his work on projects such as Luna's Determination, Missing Out, The Beginning of Harmony and many more. Youtube Twitter Bluesky


PetirepI am Petirep, the artist formally known for animating Rainbow Dash Presents with Dawn Somewhere and making album art for Monstercat. Now I work as a professional animator, illustrator, and video editor for a cooperative agency in Spokane, thanks to my art career that stated right here in the Brony fandom. I've been involved with the Brony fandom since its early days of Season 1, and have seen it evolve into the fandom it is today! Twitter Instagram

ZizzyDizzyMC (Princess Cadance)

ZizzyDizzyMC (Princess Cadance)ZizzyDizzyMC (Princess Cadence) is a cybersecurity engineer known for starting The Pony Archive. She specializes in hard drives, but when the time for a convention comes she dons her suit and it's time to Ca-DANCE! It's about the smiles, the entertainment, the hype. Living in the moment and making the best of it! Twitter

ACLP Films

ACLP FilmsACLP Films is a 3D animator celebrated by over 100k subscribers on YouTube. Specializing in creating captivating pony-related content using Source Filmmaker (SFM), ACLP Films showcases a versatile range of talents, from photography and graphic design to motion graphics, with a pronounced expertise in 3D animation. Since joining the fandom in 2018 and launching his YouTube channel in 2020, he has dedicated his free time to creating compelling stories and bringing his unique visions to life. Youtube Deviantart Discord Twitter

AutoKnight01 (Princess Deadpool)

AutoKnight01 (Princess Deadpool)He reacts! He writes! And he rocks a red dress like no other! Princess Deadpool has been in the fandom since 2011 and has contributed a number of reaction videos and fanfiction stories of his own to it. Youtube Twitter AO3

Baron Engel

Baron EngelBaron Engel has been a free-lance illustrator since the late 1980s. He’s done illustration work for books, magazines and comics; along with concept design for video games and preproduction art for film and television. He's been involved in various fandoms since 1989. However in 2011 he discovered Friendship is Magic, and fell in love with it and the fandom that supports it. Twitter Blueshky

Commentary is Magic

Commentary is MagicCommentary is Magic is thrilled to return to BABSCon, bringing all the joy and excitement of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game with them! Since 2015, Commentary is Magic has focused on supporting, organizing, and running live streamed tournaments (with commentary, of course!) and new player demos at conventions both pony-focused and otherwise. Twitter Facebook Youtube Twitch


GoldenFoxLongtime reviewer/critic of My Little Pony content since 2011 along with skills revolving around music and game streaming.Youtube Youtube - Steam Twitch Twitter Bandcamp Ko-fi

Hibiscus Stitch

Hibiscus StitchHibiscus Stitch has been sewing since 2005, vending at con’s since 2015, and has been with the fandom since the start. She makes professionally designed and lovingly hand crafted plushies as well as con vlogs and making of plush short videos that have garnered quite the following. She hopes to encourage more people to give their art dreams a try, fully believing that anyone can sew! Youtube Tiktok Twitter

Justyne Gurley

Justyne GurleyJustyne Gurley is a visual development and background artist best known for their work on Spindlehorse Toon's Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel. Justyne has been in the industry 3 years and worked with multiple studios including Spindlehorse Toons, Pixar, and Apeship Studios. Twitter Instagram Website

Klysh Kosplay

Klysh KosplayDuncan and Terra Klysh are a married cosplay couple who comprise their family cosplay group, Klysh Kosplay. Both have won multiple awards across many different conventions for their craftsmanship. Duncan is best known for his masterfully crafted leather components with care and precision. Their wife, Terra, has a background in theater and has been making cosplays since she was a teenager. Between the two of them they have over 20 years of experience in making cosplays. Twitter - Terra Instagram Twitter - Duncan

Martial Bronies

Martial BroniesA group of martial artists in the Brony community, the Martial Bronies offer unique interactive experiences for the convention scene. Since their debut at EQLA 2017, they have been introducing many fellow Bronies to the wonderful world of martial arts, and the many benefits it brings. They also offer individual events that call upon the unique talents each of their members brings to the table, to inspire you in your journey of personal development. Website Twitter


NathanianNathanian: Who is he? For BABSCon he's been an online convention chair, multiiple time department lead, and panel runner. For some of you, he's been the guy running around in button-up shirts and vests and to many others, he's been a friend. The Princess of Googly Eyes and Roasts are back and looking to make this the best BABSCon yet! Twitter

Lucky Pony Tattoos

Lucky Pony TattoosPony is a Californian tattoo artist, working in Sacramento at Sacred Nine Tattoo Studio. She has been tattooing the guests of BABSCON for many years, and specializes in pop culture and cartoon tattoos. Website

Silver Quill

Silver QuillJoining the fandom in 2012, Silver Quill started off posting a few short comics. Time, improvement, and support from the fandom led to him becoming a prominent YouTuber and contributor to Equestria Daily. Silver Quill is known for blending classical storytelling ideas with modern-day expressions. And getting blown up a lot, but that's mostly his fault. Twitter Youtube

Taylor Bowe Mcardle

Taylor Bowe McardleTaylor has been a part of the brony fandom since 2016 after a close friend told him about the show when he needed it the most. He is seen by the community as a positive influencer, friend to all, and is well recognized for supporting community artists and vendors. He hosts a new hangout podcast called “The Taylor & Co Hangout Podcast” every other Tuesday night on Twitch that centers around fun topics he and his fellow co-hosts discuss about the fandom. Twitter Twitch

The Looney Turtle

The Looney TurtleErik and looney have been creating videos on the YouTube channel "The Looney Turtle" Since 2012 and discussed a variety of video games and cartoons such as Five Nights at Freddy's, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and of course; My Little Pony. While Erik narrates and Looney asks questions; this duo has analyzed, speculated, and theorized to their hearts content. Website

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