Guests of Honor

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 29 - March 31, 2024
Hyatt Regency SFO

The most fun Guests for the most fun con

We’re excited to announce our 2024 Guests of Honor:

Andrea Libman

Andrea LibmanAndrea Libman has worked as a voice actor for the past 30 years, bringing to life the animated characters we all know and love. A staple in the voice industry, Andrea may best be known for the voices of fast-talking Pinkie Pie and reserved Fluttershy for the wildly popular My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which aired for 10 seasons. Her long-running career highlights include voicing classic characters such as: Madeline in the Emmy-award-winning series The New Adventures of Madeline; Emmy in Dragon Tales and AndrAIa in ReBoot.

Andrea has recently starred in a variety of new series that are sure to be added to the TV treasure-trove of childhood favourites, including: Autumn in Lego Friends, Potato in Chip and Potato, and Lemon Meringue in Strawberry Shortcake. She is proud of her recent work as the voice of Lili on 16 Hudson, a show which promotes diversity and inclusion and has received numerous accolades and awards for its quality content and valuable lessons. Andrea also voiced Cheryl the Mantis for the 2018 Oscar-Nominated Animated Short Film Animal Behaviour.

In her spare time, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, reading, playing piano, skiing and hiking. Twitter

Jeremy Whitley

Jeremy WhitleyJeremy is a writer from Durham, North Carolina. He has currently written more My Little Pony comics than any other writer, totaling at 60 issues! He is also the writer/creator of The Dog Knight, Princeless, School for Extraterrestrial Girls, The Cold Ever After and more as well as the writer of Marvel's The Unstoppable Wasp and Rare's Sea of Thieves comics. He is the last in the line of Sir Dagonet. Website

Elley Ray

Elley RayThis Avant Guard, International, Award-Winning,
Bon vivant has been 'tripping the light fantastic'
and astounding audiences with her unique blend of MAGIC for 45 years in Film, Television, Radio and Stage; Acting, Writing, Directing, Producing, Casting, Teaching, Jurying, you name it! She has a Doctorate of Laws for her contributions to the Arts and Humanities!
Elley is all things CREATIVE and a POWERHOUSE in the Industry!

Elley currently plays the Lead character, Warden Morgan Dungworth, in the new hit TV show, PINK IS IN! She has 4 NDA'D Animated Series on the go; playing a 55 year old man with Asbergers, to a Russian, Baba Yaga Prostitute; to a Magical Pony; to a town Judge; as well as Chuck the Duck in Agent Binky.

She also has several anime Series, Dragon Goes House Hunting, Last Dungeon Boonies, Kageki Shoujo and the Short Film, Canon Fodder. She has three upcoming theatrical stage productions; Safe Home by Michele Jelley, History of the World by Edward Roy and Titus Andronicus directed by Sky Gilbert. Elley is writing her third book of inspirations, the first two; Butterfly Kisses and Fly With Eagles by Salt river Publishing (available on Amazon) as well as creating a huge interactive online module for download-The 22-Day VO Miracle! She is currently jurying her 15th year of the DayTime Emmy Awards, for Best Animated Voice and Series and Best Actor in a Day time Series.

Elley teaches at several universities; University of Windsor, Sheridan U of T, TAAFT and Closing Credits as well as private classes internationally along with being co-founder of Get Mic'd, along with Deb Munro creating a plethora of downloadable products, workshops, retreats, specialty events and the International extravaganza, the Ultimate VO Survivor-Take 3.

Elley's Greatest joy is attending over 10 International My Little Pony Conventions a year signing autographs, meeting fans and keeping storytelling alive and well in the hearts of the world!

Website Twitter IMDB

Andy Price

Andy PriceSince 2012 Illustrator and writer, Andy Price has been the lead artist for the incredibly successful and record breaking MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC comic books from IDW Publishing. His art runs from cute cartoon animals to superheroes to horrific terrors. Past work includes IDW Publishing, DC Comics, Marvel, LEGO, Archie Comics. Andy is also the illustrator for "The Unofficial Horror Movie Coloring Book" and the "Cryptid Creatures Coloring Book", both available from Adams Media. He lives in USA where he watches horror films, scoops cat boxes, and celebrates James T. Kirk's birthday.

Website Twitter Instagram

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