Pony Fun. San Francisco Style.

Bay Area Brony Spectacular (aka BABSCon) is the San Francisco Bay Area's My Little Pony (MLP) fan convention. It was founded in 2013 and had its first event in April of 2014 with record-setting attendance. That first con was the largest ever for a first-year MLP convention and immediately made BABSCon one of the largest MLP cons in the world.

Every year we offer three (3) days of pony filled fun for families, Bronies, and fans of all ages inside the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. BABSCon brings together actors, writers, artists, and staff from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon & IDW comic series; as well as community podcasters, YouTubers, artists & writers. Talented musicians from around the fandom perform for our NEIGHhem concert; and MLP fans like you come to host panels, workshops & events, video & table top gaming and competitions, and so much more! In addition to all of the above, BABSCon has programming dedicated exclusively to the youngest attendees! BABSCon celebrates not only a wonderful world of pastel ponies but the friendship and community that inspires us all.

Please explore our site to learn more about BABSCon and the fun we have in store and check out the MENU at the top right to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Announcing 2020 Charities to benefit from BABSCon's 6th Charity Auction!

The Game Academy & Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County

Last Year's Sponsors

Without these generous individuals, BABSCon would not be what it is today!

Silver Wings (Nathan Glenn) , Seraph Star (Ryan Pelton) , Robert Corbett (Copper Top) , Part-Time Brony , Sunchaser , Lafayette (Koya Kuramoto) , Someguy123 , Count Blaze'nhoof (Jesse Corralejo) , FableCharm (Andy Reyes) , Vulpes Rex , Cadence , apMechorse , thehund/easymac (Dave Stein) , ZizzyDizyMC , Pony Stark , Daniel Mclaren , FluttyTwi , Fair Winds , Watcher M. Helper (West Hood) , snake8head (David Roberts) , Wandering Physicist (James Hayter) , Snivian Moon , Skysick , Sean , Nicholas Britt (Smart Heart) , FoxesKarma , Brendon McCoy (BugByte) , Wolfen (Octavio Pimentel) , ToLiveIsToSmile (Tyler Marshall) , Oatmeal Raisin (Allen Silverio) , Velfire (Andrew Vogel) , Wartex (Jesse Jacobs) , Brainz , Silver Tail (Sam Halvorsen) , RaichuRocks , Sylvan , William Janssen , Freyfaxi (David Drummond) , Spikelis The Dragon (Nicolas Mendoza) , Rosalie Meyer (Rosalie Meyer) , Stygian (Andrew Meyer) , Lovely , Steve Halm , Mares Fillies (Ohmeko Ocampo) , Allyson Taylor , Andrew Downsworth (Sturdy Shield / Algalon) , Geoffrey Chin (Photo Finish) , Hunter Perrin , fannytastical , Zmugin , Varyushka

derp_code (Andy Ridgwell) , x3racer (Christopher Nihells) , Misty Skies (Ava Varner) , KGrove94 (Kyle Grove) , Starfury (Carson Buckley) , Lenester (Lief Gannon) , Siren Song , Spyro7heDragon (Mat Reynolds) , Pinkie Zork Froo (Carlos Martinez) , Squirrel (Jason Morrissey) , Sea Gnash , Chit Chat (Brighid Wise) , Charlene Lemelle , Christina Bell , OneBrokePony , Ashi (Todd Allis) , Jaime Lomeli , Carina Macias , Stephanie Martinez , Miguel Castellanos , Rockon , Solid , Tyler Peterson , DarthLink22 (Michael Jamison) , Lemon Bounce , NyancatOpal , Officer Emerald Dawn , Marshall Flintlock ShVAK , Albrecht Salazar (Delfynx) , LunaLover77 (Athena Miller) , CobaltSky , Lukas , Tibbs (Tibor Toth) , SkullMan (Brandon Farrelly) , Rundas (Danny Hartmann) , Narrator007 , Jouva , Cobalt Blaze (Brady Allan) , Lightning Rider (Brian Lapira) , Lymmy , Silver Night Brony (Matthew Hartsock) , Bariki , Jurassicdl3 (David Lewis) , Grimm Trott , Nightshade (Nick Van Schaick) , Aquarist Adam (Adam Atlas) , Animane (Robert Montoya) , Skystar97 , Jay Money (Josh Draper) , Ferrous Equus (Peter Savoy) , Silveryena , Apollo (David Edwards) , B-Man (Brandon Herrera) , Lemielan (Travis Gomez) , iRhymeTheSongs , Lady UXia , Goldfur , Skysweep , Lady Foxtrot , Taylor Bowe-Mcardle (KyleBusch51Fan2)

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