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Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 30 - April 1, 2018

Join BABSCon Staff!

Have you ever wanted to give back to the MLP fandom, but weren't quite sure how?
Do you want to create an epic and memorable event pony fans will talk about for months?
Would you like to join a team of dedicated, fun-loving, and awesome people, just like you?
Will you be at least 18 years of age by the start of the convention?

Then you should totally volunteer for BABSCon 2018!

If any of the positions listed below seem like what your cutie mark is telling you, please fill the BABSCon volunteer application form by clicking on the button below!

Volunteer Application

More positions coming soon!


Business Second:
Assist the Master of Bits with all things money-related. Accounting and/or bookkeeping skills are a must, as is utter trustworthiness given that you'll likely be handling large sums both before and during the con. Be ready to step in should anything prevent the current Business Director from performing his duties.

Registration Staff:
The first volunteers BABSCon attendees see are responsible for keeping the registration lines moving as quickly and painlessly as possible. Training will be provided to handle On-Site and Pre-Registration transactions, printing badges, information checks, and basic line control. Cool heads, strong smiles, and unwavering kindness are especially welcome!

Con Store Lead:
It's our own little retail operation. You will make sure that the Con Store is stocked, staffed, scheduled, and within budget. You will explore new initiatives for specific items with vendors and with IT for online support throughout the off-season. Retail management experience highly recommended. Also, must be trustworthy for handling the money the Con Store brings in.

Con Store Second:
You will assist the Con Store Lead in operating the BABSCon Store and during the off-season. Your tasks will be directly delegated by your lead but you may expect to be contacting and coordinating with vendors, and communicating with other departments. Retail management experience is recommended.

Con Store Staff:
Smack dab in the middle of the Vendor Hall, the BABSCon store sells convention-branded swag and products throughout the length of the con. Volunteers are responsible for setting up the store, helping con attendees select their purchases, keeping track of the inventory, and running the cash register. Retail experience is not necessary, but applicants should be ready to talk to a lot of people in this exciting position.

Art Show Staff:
Art on display in BABSCon’s Art Show is also art for sale! Volunteers are responsible for setting up the show, guarding art on exhibition, carefully handling art, and running the cash register to sell the art! Retail experience is not necessary, but applicants should be comfortable handling one-of-a-kind works of art and interacting with people.

Autograph Room Staff:
Voice Actors, Writers, and other Guests of Honor not tabling in the Vendor Hall will settle down in BABSCon’s Autograph Room to meet con attendees. Volunteers are responsible for basic line management, running the cash register, and directing con attendees around the room to meet their favorite Guests of Honor! Retail experience is not necessary, but cool heads, strong smiles, and unwavering kindness are especially welcome!


Design Head:
Manages the Design Staff and team, communicates with other department leads to supply their artwork needs. You will ultimately be responsible for screening all materials to be published with the Harmonious Board of Elements and Convention Chair. Previous multimedia production experience highly recommended.

Design Second:
Assists the Design Head in managing the Design Staff and team, communicating with other department leads to ensure artwork for the convention gets produced and goes through the appropriate channels. Previous multimedia production experience recommended.

Design Staff:
BABSCon has a constant need for the very best artists, animators, and typesetters to work on the various media that helps make our con simply gorgeous, darling... the kind of thing Miss Rarity would approve of.

Website Designer:
Know how to make up images, text, and general "know-around" for web pages? We are in need of someone to work with the IT Department with doing the art side of the website and other social media sites!

Events & Programming

Events & Programming Second:
Events and Programming second assist the head in all aspects of E&P duties, and keeps up on all aspects of the department to the extent that the second can step up immediately if for some reason the Head is not available. The E&P second has the authority to make all major decisions relating to E&P, and they have the same validity as if made by the Actual Head of the department. Unless challenged by the Department Head, the Second also has the authority to hire E&P staff as seems necessary and desirable.

Events & Programming Staff:
BABSCon strives to give their con attendees the best and most diverse experience while at the con. Volunteers are required to adhere to the panel schedule; interface with community guests, panelists, and attendees in the events office and panel rooms; and deal with any issues that crop up before or during the panels. Having a knack for customer service, great organization skills, and a strong pulse on the fandom are sought-after skills in this demanding position!

Children's Programming Lead:
This is one of the most important positions under Events and Programming, and as such the candidates for Children's Programming are checked out a little more vigorously than most of the other departments. The Children’s Programming Lead is responsible for coming up with fun and interactive activities to keep our youngest attendees excited and engaged, a well as coordinating those activities which might involve show staff or community guests. CP lead is also responsible for creating a list of items which may need to be purchased such as paper, crayons, games, etc. CP lead also creates and submits a proposed budget and tracks expenditures taken from that budget leading up to the convention. Finally the CP lead ensures the security of the Children’s Programming area is maintained by ensuring CP staff under his or her authority are fully trained in their duties and responsibilities.

Children's Programming Second:
Children’s Programming Second works under the Children’s Programming Lead to ensure children attending our convention receive the best experience possible. Children’s Programming Second should be ready to assume the Lead duties should a situation arise where the Lead is unable to perform his or her duties

Children's Programming Staff:
Ensuring that even the youngest attendees of the con have an experience they’ll treasure for a lifetime is something BABSCon strives for as a convention for all ages! Volunteers are required to keep the kids safe from harm while giving them the Best Con Ever! Being responsible and great with kids are highly sought after skills for this very important position!

Trixie’s Tabletop Gaming Lead:
If you posses the Director’s vision it takes to put on a Great and Powerful show, you might find yourself apt to this role. As Table-top Gaming Lead, it’s your job to recruit volunteers, gather and organize games and equipment from volunteers, ensure that all such materials are cared for and returned to their owners, organize and schedule adventures and tournaments with the help of your staff, curate and moderate any original materials, and overall ensure everyone attending has a great time. Customer Service and event planning experience are highly recommended.

Trixie’s Tabletop Gaming Second:
As Table-Top Gaming Second you are the right hand of the Lead. Although your responsibilities will be delegated to you from your Lead, you can expect to assist in creating and communicating the Trixie’s Tables schedule, be the first point of contact for roleplaying-game or equipment questions from staff, organize room and equipment security. Customer service experience is recommended.

Trixie’s Tabletop Gaming Staff:
BABSCon enjoys casting spells, making friends, and drawing cards as much as a certain showmare refers to herself in the third person. Volunteers are required to loan out equipment, help organize tournaments, and make sure all borrowed games return to their owners unharmed. Customer service experience is recommended, but not required for this position.

Button’s Arcade Lead:
If you’ve got a love for Videogames as big as your love for colored horses, this is the role for you. As Arcade Lead, it’s your job to recruit volunteers, gather a wide variety of equipment and games lent out from any of your volunteers and yourself, ensure that all the equipment and games are cared for and returned to their owners, organize and schedule tournaments, examine and approve any tournaments or special events that are proposed by volunteers, and overall ensure everyone attending has a great time. Customer Service and event planning experience are highly recommended.

Button’s Arcade Second:
The arcade is a very busy place, especially during tournaments. As Arcade Second, it’s your job to assist the Lead with stocking up and organizing equipment, assist with any scheduling, and act as a second set of eyes and hands to ensure tournaments and other special events progress without delay. Customer service experience is recommended.

Button’s Arcade Staff:
Attendees are never too young (or old) to have a rip-roaring good time in Button’s Arcade! Volunteers are required to manage equipment, orchestrate tournaments, ensure good sportsmanship, and provide a fun environment for gamers of all ages!


Hotel Second:
Every con needs someone to be the interface between the con and its venue. You'll assist our Hotel Liaison and learn the tricks of the trade. This is another skill that will make you invaluable to any con. You'll also step in should the Hotel Liaison be unavailable for any reason. The ability to be both diplomatic and forceful at the same time is key for this position.

Human Resources

Human Resources Staff:
Human Resources Staff uses our amazing online staffing software to check in every single staff member at BABSCon! The steps are simple: Provide volunteers with waivers to sign, verify their contact info, give them their staff badge, and point them to where they can collect their awesome swag! This is a great role for getting to know people volunteering at the convention, using or developing new computer skills, and learning how the hiring process is done at a convention.

Gopher Lead:
The Gopher Lead is responsible for organizing and employing the Gopher service to other Con departments. Often other departments will need an extra pair of hands or simply a warm body to keep watch or ‘Go for’ something. As Lead your primary responsibilities will be communicating effectively about potential and current Gopher needs with other departments, securing prize support and setting up a rewards schedule, and creating, employing and training your staffers to use a Gopher recruitment and hour-tracking log.

Gopher Second:
The Gophers Lead needs a Gopher Second to help manage and deploy all of our wonderful Gopher volunteers. Over the course of the Convention, different departments will request Gophers to fulfill a specific task. Your job will be to match Gophers with those tasks that utilizes their special talents.

Key Gopher:
BABSCon often has attendees who volunteer at the convention on site as well! These volunteers often “go for” things that other staff members might require on short notice. Volunteers are required to help the Gophers go where they need to go, keep track of their hours/rewards, and give them water and BABSCon’s thanks.

Want to help out the con but be more in control of your schedule? Become a Gopher at BABSCon! Help support various departments, meet new friends, and make your mark. Gophers are dispatched to provide help for a department in need. If you want to gain experience volunteering at a convention, but only want to get your hooves wet, the Gopher position is right for you!

Gophers are attendees who want to help out. Gophers must purchase their own attendee badge. Gophers are able to earn special rewards depending on the number of hours volunteered. These rewards include free food, free attendee badge for next year, and a full refund of this year’s badge. The more time you give to making BABSCon the best convention ever, the better the rewards!

Information Technology

Information Technology Second:
Assistant and support to the IT Head. Responsible for maintaining BABSCon website, Google Apps accounts (email, Drive, etc) and providing technical support and setup of equipment at registration, Vendor Hall, and Button’s Arcade during times in which the head is unavailable or otherwise disposed.

Information Technology Staff:
IT Staffers, supporting conventions daily Registration setup and takedown as well as any technical assistance the convention might have. You will be the eyes and ears for the departments heads to know where assistance is needed and will help resolving issues. This may include tasks such as setting up computer and internet equipment such as monitors, ethernet, routers, etc. Volunteers applying for this position need to have minimal technical experience such as basic computer setup.


Operations Director:
The "nerve center" of the con. If something (or someone) is missing, some info is needed, an issue is becoming 'an issue,' or anything, Con-Ops is there to relay radio and phone calls and get the proper people moving in the proper direction. As Con-Ops head you will be responsible for organizing, staffing and scheduling the Con-Ops Staff. At Con, you will be in charge of the Con-Ops room, radio distribution, Lost&Found ~etc.~ Previous experience in BABScon Con-Ops is preferred. Previous managerial experience recommended.

Con Support Staff:
We're looking for hardworking people who aren't afraid of some controlled chaos and desk work. You can expect to assist with communications management, paperwork, runs, and interdepartmental coordination. Previous BABSCON experience of any kind helps but is not necessary.

Logistics Lead:
This position leads and directs all logistics operations as well as sees that the con set up and break down is done safely and efficiently. Responsibilities include hiring of Logistics staff, planning and scheduling of logistics operations, arranging truck rental, leading team of staff members during load in/out, answering requests from departments, logistics record keeping, materials and supply handling, making off site con supply runs, staff health and safety, and performing final all clear at con end. Scheduling is early Thursday morning to possibly early Monday morning, shift work Friday and Saturday. Some pre and post con work can be anticipated. Previous experience as a Second, Planning Liaison or Lead is highly desirable for a person seeking this position.

Logistics Second:
This position works as a supporting role to the Logistics Lead and if needed assumes the role as Lead. The person in this position will lead a team during con set up and break down. This person will also be tasked with offsite con pickups, loading and unloading materials, assisting Logistics Lead, and performing Lead delegated tasks if needed. This person in this position will be asked to work from first locker pick up (early Thursday morning) to last locker drop (late Sunday night/Monday morning) along with scheduled shifts during con time. Prior con experience in Logistics work is desirable but not required.

Logistics Staff:
A well supplied BABSCon is a successful BABSCon! But that success is determined by how efficiently those supplies can be moved around the convention! Volunteers are required to move supplies between storage lockers to its final destination safely and quickly. Strong hearts and strong backs are highly recommend for this physically demanding position.

Logistics Shipping Lead:
Like shipping things (not that kind!) but, if you want to be the “Pony Express” of the con then this job is for you! This position is responsible for any pre or postcon shipping of anything that needs to sent. Should have good organizational skills, computer knowledge, vehicle, net handwriting for handwritten labels (most will be typed or printed) some knowledge of the USPS mail services, record keeping of receipts. This position works with the Logistics Lead and/or a con exec. To gain access to locker. Must be able to lift light loads and transport goods to mail office,

Logistics Driver:
Like to drive big trucks? This is the job for you. In this role you are responsible for operating a rental box truck to pick up and deliver the con equipment to the con site safely and timely. Must have a clean California Drivers Licence and experience with the safe operation of box type vehicles. Commercial vehicle experience is desired but not required. This position works under the direction of the Logistics Lead and Planning Liaison and is required to be present at the time of each truck rental to be established as an authorized driver. May also be required to help properly load/unload materials and supplies and will be free to help the team as desired. Schedule for this position is Wednesday morning and Sunday night.

Hospitality Lead:
Oversee the care and feeding of the staff. Select menus, manage the budget, organize the room, recruit staff, assign shifts and arbitrate if Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches should have butter or not. Previous food service/catering management experience recommended.

Hospitality Staff:
As the most beloved department of the con, taking care of the volunteers is an area where BABSCon excells! Volunteers are required to ensure the staff of other departments take their breaks, are hydrated, and well fed.

Hospitality Second:
Assist the Lead in all aspects of the job. Be able to oversee executing on the plan laid out by the lead. Previous food service/catering management experience recommended.


Productions Director:
In charge of the department as a whole, including working with rental equipment and stages. You will recruit staff, manage teams and coordinate closely with E&P to ensure all the Halls and Rooms are properly equipped. Previous live event production experience highly recommended.

Productions Second:
In charge of the department as a whole, including working with rental equipment and stages. You will recruit staff, manage teams and coordinate closely with E&P to ensure all the Halls and Rooms are properly equipped. Previous live event production experience highly recommended.

Panel Team Lead:
Responsible for managing side panel rooms and scheduling staff to run audio for them. Essentially makes sure all the side panels go off without a hitch. Previous Live A/V experience recommended.

Panel Team Staff:
You’ll be helping assist Productions with Audio/Visual (A.V.) for BABSCon’s awesome panels. While not in the Main Hall, this is a great position for someone who is just looking to get into A.V., or someone who simply enjoys viewing and assisting in panels.

NEIGHhem Concert Staff:
Bass pumping sounds will fill BABSCon on Saturday night! But NEIGHhem can only succeed with the most strong hearted of staff! Volunteers are required to burn the midnight oil to assist the Concert Princesses, guard the stage and door, run messages and items to and from the con, and maintain basic crowd control.

Public Relations & Marketing

Public Relations & Marketing Staff:
We always need help in getting word out! On social media, in your local community, reaching out beyond the core fandom… any way to convince more people to enjoy the awesomeness that is BABSCon! Previous marketing experience not necessary but you should be active and comfortable in a social media setting.

Information Desk Staff:
The BABSCon Information Desk is the second most important volunteer position on the con! Volunteers are responsible for answering any question con attendees might come to you with. Remember, the answer of “I don’t know” is never the correct answer for a question, but saying “Let me find out for you” absolutely is! Dispensing proper and accurate information is the key to success in this position. Customer Service experience is ideal, but not necessary! Applicants should be ready to talk to a lot of people in this exciting position!

Charity Staff:
BABSCon continues the charitable history of the Brony community with our annual charity auction! Charity Staff are responsible for categorizing, organizing, and preparing various donations for use in the auction, interfacing with donors and beneficiaries, and assisting the Charity Lead with key tasks. Basic data entry (spreadsheets) and guest service skills are ideal, but not necessary for these altruistic positions!


Convention Theme Camera Operator:
These brave souls follow our at-con performers around, filming their interactions with attendees as well as the scripted skits the Theme Department puts on. These recordings will be saved for both posterity and for later promotional use. The Convention Theme Camera Operator's primary responsibility at the convention is to never miss a magic moment.

Golden Guard Member:
These soldiers stand for all things good in San Franciscolt. Loyal to the spirit of the city that drives diversity and friendship, these soldiers muster every morning for door assignments, checking badges, and making certain that the values of the great city are held to at all times. Guards will also be present for some official scripted events and interactions furthering the main storyline unfolding at the convention.

Queen Quake's Royal Guard:
These loyal soldiers for the Queen will assemble in the mornings for door assignments to monitor attendee movement, check proper authorization for the duration of the con, and see to it that the will of the Queen is adhered to at all times. Guards will also be present for some official scripted events and interactions furthering the main storyline unfolding at the convention.

Vendors & Artists Relations

Vendors & Artists Relations Staff:
BABSCon prides itself on the quality experience of their Rainbow Falls Trader Exchange, for both con attendees and those set up in the hall. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring that Vendors have everything that they need and addressing any concerns/issues they might have. Customer service and communication skills are helpful, but not required for this position.

VIP Relations

VIP Relations Second:
VIP Relations is the single department that benefits most from the Rule of Two tradition. The highest stakes scheduling and communications will happen in this department and as VIPR Second you will be relied upon heavily by your Lead to ensure not only any plans goes off without a hitch and all obligations on both sides are met but being constantly available to our Guests of Honor. Good online and in-person communications skills highly sought. Previous VIP experience recommended.

VIPR Dispatcher:
Dispatchers are the conductors behind the scenes of VIPR making sure the different parts of the department work together as one. During the course of a dispatch shift, you’ll be monitoring VIPR radio traffic, phone calls, and text communications, recording the information that comes out and dispensing it to the appropriate parties. You'll notify panel moderators if VIPs are running late, arrange transportation and other logistics, and keep the Director and Assistant Director of the department in the know about what's going on.

VIP Green Room Staff:
Ensuring BABSCon has a safe, quiet, and most importantly private location for BABSCon Guests of Honor to relax is a position held in the highest regard. Volunteers are responsible for stocking the Green Room with needed materials (drinks, snacks, etc.), attending to needs of VIPs while they’re in the Green Room, and ensuring that only those who are allowed to enter the Green Room are let in. Remember, what happens in the VIP Green Room, stays in the VIP Green Room.

VIP Relations Liaison:
One of—if not THE—most important volunteer position at BABSCon. For the duration of the convention, volunteers in this position will become the personal assistants of BABSCon’s Guests of Honor. Responsibilities include making sure the Guest of Honor enjoys their time at the con, and ensuring the Guest of Honor fullfills their contractual obligations (like being on time for agreed upon panels/autograph sessions). Volunteers in this position are held to the highest standards of professionalism. In return for total commitment to this position, volunteers get to associate with the staff who make My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic possible.

VIP Drivers:
BABSCon considers the safety of their Guest of Honor to be one of the highest priorities. Volunteers in this position are responsible for transporting Guests of Honor to and from the convention venue in a timely, comfortable, and safe manner. Current driver’s license, a clean driving record, and the ability to be personable/entertaining while ferrying these VIPs are required.

Autograph Room Staff:
Voice Actors, Writers, and other Guests of Honor not tabling in the Vendor Hall will settle down in BABSCon’s Autograph Room to meet con attendees. Volunteers are responsible for basic line management, running the cash register, and directing con attendees around the room to meet their favorite Guests of Honor! Retail experience is not necessary, but cool heads, strong smiles, and unwavering kindness are especially welcome!