Bay Area Brony Spectacular, aka BABSCon, is the first-ever convention for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. We aim to bring My Little Pony fun with San Francisco style. For our first year, we’ll be happening on April 18-20, 2014 at the SFO Hyatt Regency just outside San Francisco proper. Come on out and join the fun!

Your Digital BABSCon Survival Guide

The Hall of MagicOhmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!

It’s only 3 days until BABSCon starts and we’re madly putting the last-minute touches on an experience we hope you think is at least 20% cooler.

Naturally, you’ll be getting a Con Book when you arrive, but in the meantime, here are a few things you’ll find helpful!

  1. Our Code of Conduct: Learn it, love it, live it!
  2. Your Map to the Wonders of Friendship…and the Hotel
  3. Our Current Schedule, now in handy PDF form!
  4. This Link, which will always show you an up-to-the-minute schedule even if stuff changes!

(Art by slifer the sky dragon)

At the Door Registration

Totes adorbs! Totes McGOATS!Hello, Everypony!

We know that a lot of you are sad for missing our pre-registration period, but have no fear…you’ll still be able to buy passes at the door. Here’s the list of prices:

  • $70 for 3-Day pass
  • $60 for Saturday 1-Day pass
  • $50 for Friday or Sunday 1-Day Pass
  • $40 for a 3-Day Foal pass (ages 6-12)
  • $30 for a 1-Day Foal pass (ages 6-12)

On-site registration will be opening up on Thursday evening and be ongoing through the convention. We’ll be posting those hours very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this utterly adorable picture of Golden Gates!

Last Call!

Goldie Awards2.jpg

Hey everypony, BABSCon is just around the corner and you only have a few hours left because TODAY is the last day to pre-register. The way things are shaping out, BABSCon will be the largest “first year” MLP con so why miss out? Save yourself some money at the door and prepare yourself for the hottest con of the year! NO where else will you have a chance to meet so many Guests of Honor all in one place.

We also have our amazing NEIGHhem concert full of 20 performances across 2 nights. We have the intense conclusion of The Voice Equestria hosted by Tara Strong, full of our over 30 entrees. But starting off our con on Friday is the BABSCon hosted fandom award show for The Goldie Awards and TODAY is the last day for you to nominate your favorites for a score of categories! If you want a chance at nominating your fandom favorite for their chance at getting some recognition, act now before it is too late!

BABSCon Announces Community Guests


It’s Called the “Bay Area BRONY Spectacular” for a Reason!

The My Little Pony fandom is one full of talent, passion, and creativity. To celebrate our community, BABSCon has invited some of the most entertaining, influential, and just plain fun people in all of bronydom. We have fan VAs, artists, musicians, podcasters, cosplayers, animators, game developers, media networks, and documentary producers to this Spring’s hottest convention.

Without further ado, BABSCon is pleased to announce its Community Guests: Eile Monty, Nowacking, Sherclop Pones, Dusty Katt, Apple Cider, Private Stampede, LeekFish, Catie Wayne (aka Boxxy), Legends of Equestria, Equestria Daily, Ponyville Live!, Michael Brokhoff & Laurent Malaquais of Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony, and Brent Hodges of A Brony Tale.

These amazing people will have panels where you can pick their brains, learn about their inspiration, and find out why they have dedicated themselves not to a show, but to their fellow fans…bronies like yourselves. They won’t just be on panels, either. They’ll be helping to put on the show!

Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack is a voice actress, parody writer, and (rarest of all), a girl on the internet. She’s best known in the fandom for voicing Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 in Epic Wub Time, “Pony Rock Anthem,” “I Am Octavia,” and many other animations and songs.

Eileen Montgomery (aka EileMonty) comes to us from the UK where she has done pantomime tours, freelance singing, family entertainment, and of course voiceover work. She’s known to bronies for voicing and singing Octavia in the song “I Am Octavia,” Bubbles in Double Rainboom, and Button’s Mom in Button’s Adventures.

Sherclop Pones (Jenny Nicholson & Griffin Lewis) is the dynamic duo behind one of the fandom’s most beloved creations: Friendship is Witchcraft. With their many talents, they set the gold standard by which other MLP parodies are measured. Can you get “The Gypsy Bard” out of your head? Didn’t think so. Did someone say, “exclusive preview?” Eeyup!

Dusty Katt, the Manliest Brony in the World™, hosts the popular show, Stay Brony, My Friends. He’s interviewed many of the fandom’s top names and loads of show staff. At the convention, Dusty will throw down with the fantastic Private Stampede/Snowflake IRL and host a variety of panels, so expect plenty of manliness throughout the con!

AppleCider is a delicious mug of fandom information and entertainment. One of the hosts of the exceptionally awesome Bronyville podcast, along with the first-rate Chef Sandy, Apple Cider provides valuable and enjoyable commentary on the various goings-on in the fandom, featuring a wide variety of community and official guests.

Private Stampede (aka Snowflake IRL) is the well-loved character, Snowflake…er, “Bulk Biceps,” except in real life. Known for his muscles, wit, and heart, he’ll be put to the test as he faces off with Dusty Katt for charity and hoof-rasslin’ supremacy. YEEEAAAAHHH!

LeekFish brings a unique artistic sensibility to the MLP fandom. Her instantly-recognizable style has graced many a convention’s artwork—EQLA, Sac Brony, and of course, BABSCon!—and she recently was a winner in WeLoveFine’s latest t-shirt design contest!

Catie Wayne is the internet sensation known as Boxxy. Not only is she the queen /b/, there’s one smart and talented lady under that eyeliner! Catie will go head to head, toe to toe with anons from /mlp/ for one of the nights more memorable panels.

Legends of Equestria is the in-development MMORPG that lets you become your ponysona in a lushly and lovingly rendered version of Equestria. Disclaimer: LoE is not responsible for loss of time, friends, jobs, or personal hygiene due to overplaying.

Equestria Daily is quite simply THE newspaper (well, blog) of record for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. You know it, you read it, you love it. ‘Nuff said! Join Sethisto, Calpain, and Xyro TR1 as they tell us about their lives and indentured servitude as ‘Blog Ponies.’

Ponyville Live! is many things to many bronies. The largest pony media network, with hundreds of staff all over the world, PVL brings you engaging shows, pumpin’ pony jams, and the best convention coverage in all of Equestria. Their streaming and recording will give those who can’t be with us in the Bay a tantalizing taste of BABSCon.

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony Join Executive Producer Michael Brokhoff & Director Laurent Malaquais as they discuss their groundbreaking feature and tell us what’s next for the little documentary that could!

A Brony Tale Brent Hodges will discuss—and maybe give us a partial peek at—his new documentary about the experiences of the Dashingest Apple ever, Ashleigh Ball, as she braved BronyCon. The film is set to premiere soon at the prestigious TriBeCa Film Festival.

Art by KreativeMagic.

BABSCon High Society Auction to Help a Friend…


To all our attendees, our friends, our family and fellow bronies do I write to you today to bear sad tidings. A friend of us all, though you may not know her, is in need of our help. Olivia Daniels a.k.a Obsidian Winter, our Vice Chair and Head of events for BABSCon, mother of two, and fellow brony is in a race against time to save her mother and the life they had as a family.

To help support our dearest friend we are auctioning 2 of our High Society Pony memberships on eBay located here and here. The High Society pass is one of our premium memberships that sold out some time ago and features a meet and greet where you and your fellow High Society members can mingle and chat with our Guests of Honor. All the proceeds of these auctions will go directly to help Olivia’s mother. There is also a Go Fund Me here for those who wish to help as they can.

The High Society Pony Memberships feature a 3 day pass, con book, con-exclusive swag bag including BABSCon T-shirt, poster, and lanyard, custom-drawn badge with your OC or the MLP:FiM character of your choice, priority seating at panels, events, signings, etc, $20 in Autograph Vouchers, and of course the exclusive VIP meet-and-greet.

I encourage you to read below, the story of Olivia Daniels and her mother and the heart wrenching tragedy that no family deserves.

~ The BABSCon Staff

Meet Cheryl Daniels. She is the mother of Olivia Daniels, more commonly known as Obsidian Winter in our quaint fandom.

You may know Olivia as the former head of Events and Programming for BronyCon 2013. She serves in the same capacity to us here at BABSCon 2014, to which she’s brought her unique brand of wisdom and skill, should you be attending. She’s a passionate member of this fandom and, like us, she has worked to make the fandom the exciting and dynamic place we’ve all come to love.

But most importantly, she’s our friend. And she needs help…our help.

Not two days ago, Cheryl Daniels was admitted to St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, TN, suffering from acute liver failure brought on by Hepatitis C, which she originally contracted via a blood transfusion. Currently unable to eat or drink normally, she requires infusion of fluid and nutrients from expensive IV “banana bags,” as she holds out for a liver transplant. She’s also in immediate danger of losing both her home and her car.

A widow since 2000, Cheryl has worked 2, sometimes, 3 jobs to support her children and grandchildren. She has always been there for the family, enabling her husband to pursue his dreams while he was alive, supporting her kids’ education, and being a loving grandparent. The money she was making at her current job was not enough to allow her to afford health insurance premiums, but too much to allow her to qualify for Tennessee’s State assistance programs.

Now, with her mother in this dire condition, the responsibility has fallen to Olivia. Olivia, however, is currently on disability due to a work-related back injury in early November that crushed two disks in her spine. She’s also raising two children of her own, Anya & Serenity. Her sister, Wendy, is unable to assist due to her own diabetes-related health problems, and caring for her two adult autistic children.

Dealing with the prospect of losing her remaining parent and facing an impending foreclosure on her mother’s home and repossession of her mother’s car, Olivia needs help.

To be precise, she needs $10,000 worth of help to confront immediate costs. $3,500 will go to pay for IV nutrition to help sustain her mother. The rest will go to cover the most immediate outstanding accounts of her mother’s mortgage and car payments, so that as soon as possible, Olivia can move in and take over the mortgage payments and her mother’s in-home care.

But, again, this money only addresses the most immediate needs. It does nothing for Cheryl’s hospital bills, and ongoing IV nutrition and liver medications needed are going to continue being a burden, so more will be necessary over time.

If you can help, even a little bit, please consider donating. Every cent will go to helping Olivia stabilize her mother’s health and pay her debts. Hopefully, this will help get their family get back on their feet. If you’re not in a position to donate, you can still help by sharing this with your friends. The more people see this, the more likely some of them can pitch in.


Please Help our Vice Chair’s Family!

Hi, everypony. Not all the news can be good, we’re afraid. One of our staff…our Vice Chair, Olivia Daniels (aka Obsidian Winter), finds herself in a really bad situation. Her mother was taken to the hospital 2 days ago with acute liver failure and no medical insurance. The bills threaten to devastate her family.

Please go to her GoFundMe page and donate, or at least tweet/Facebook/blog it to spread the word.

Also, BABSCon is auctioning off 2 returned High Society Pony memberships, with 100% of the proceeds to go to Olivia’s family:

Auction 1 and auction 2

In brony solidarity and the magic of friendship,
—The BABSCon Staff


BABSCon announces NEIGHhem Festival, “BABSCon: The Experience: The Song,” Pre Reg Extension, and the winner of our #LuckoftheBABSCon contest!


This is HARMONY! This is MADNESS!

Do you bronies wanna party? I said, do you wanna party?!? No, you don’t wanna party! You bronies wanna rock and roll and dance your plots off ALL. NIGHT. LONG!

Just in case BABSCon didn’t have your Pinkie Sense™ tingling yet, it will now…because we’re going to melt your face off with pure musical awesomeness. Check out this lineup of crazy talent for our NEIGHhem Festival, April 18-19. We’re bringing in musicians from literally every corner of the country to bring you the best show ever! The fandom’s hottest acts will be there along with up-and-comers who will blow your little pony minds!

Two nights. Twenty performances. Twelve hours of epic music.

Your bodies are NOT ready.

Check it…

Friday Night features Omnipony, Taps, Cyril the Wolf, Tarby, f3nning, Derpidety, Automatic Jack, Donn DeVore, Metajoker, and Skyline.

And changin’ it up Saturday is Eurobeat Brony (Odyssey),  Silva Hound, Mic the Microphone, Poni1Kenobi, IbeConCept (ibeabronyrapper), djtetsuo, Garnika, Additive Subtractive, Knights of the Crystal Empire, and Nexgen.

As a little appetizer, we present “BABSCon: The Experience: The Song!” A masterful cover of the MLP:FiM song that refuses to leave your brain, “Babs Seed,” rockin’ our own little lyrical tweaks. Let the instrumental talents of Tarby & Donn DeVore, and the vocal stylings of BABSCon’s own Concert Princess, Pinkey, get you worked up for this spring’s hottest convention! Listen here. Check out the description for the download.

Not sure about BABSCon? Well, we’ve given you two more days to decide by extending pre-registration to April 6th. Grab yours now ’cause prices go up at the door. We are however, extending our pre-reg discount to former or current members of the armed forces and seniors.

Need a ride or wanna share a room? Check out our section over on MLP Forums and meet up with people going your way.

We’d also like to show off the piece done by the winner of our #LuckoftheBABScon contest. @KreativeMagic. She won a free Ponyville Pony 3-Day membership to the Spring’s hottest convention.

“Golden Gates Panning for Gold for Charity”


BABSCon announces #LuckoftheBabscon contest, Programming Schedule, and Call for Volunteers!

Hey lads and lasses we have a special twitter contest for you where we are giving away a free Ponyville Pony 3 Day membership for the lucky winner. All you have to do is draw our kissable mascot Golden Gates in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. So grab your pencils, markers, Photoshop or Inkscape and your four leaf clover and get a drawin! To enter tweet your image to @babsconsf with the tag #LuckoftheBabscon. The winner will be chosen Tuesday at 4pm PST, and be announced via twitter. The best o’ luck to ya!

Did you know this isn’t the first contest BABSCon has had? Did you know we still another contest going on right now called The Voice: Equestria hosted by Tara Strong and our other Guest of Honor VAs? Check out so see all of BABSCon’s previous and current contests and their entries and winners! The Voice: Equestria is heating up so follow it on twitter with #TheVoiceEquestria and on our contests page!

Also fresh from the butterchurn comes our programming schedule! 3 days of action packed San Fran fun is yours to enjoy at BABSCon so check it out on our Events Page or our handy dandy Google Spreadsheet to get a preview of the fun this coming April!

And finally we are still looking for some volunteers to help us flesh out our motley crew of gophers, runners, badge checkers, VIP liaisons, game players (seriously), and videographers. If you would like to be a part of the hottest convention of the year. hit us up at our Volunteer Page.

BABSCon Expands IDW Comics Stable

IDW Comics in the house!We’re excited to announce MLP comic colorist Heather Breckel, artist Tony Fleecs, and writer Heather Nuhfer will be joining Andy Price as Guests of Honor at BABSCon this April! We figured it takes more than one person to make a comic and there are so many great  teams working on the My Little Pony comics. So we had to bring as many as we could to San Francisco for best con of the year. Coming to make the Bay Area more colorful, these comic creators can be found sketching in our dealers hall and drawing (see what we did there?) upon their experiences as IDW staffers during their panels.

A bit darker in tone than some of her counterparts, Heather Breckel (Do you see that cutie mark?!) is known for coloring all the issues of MLP:FiM to date (1-16), including the mind-bending “The Return of Queen Chrysalis” and “Nightmare Rarity” arcs. She also colored the Rarity and Luna MLP Micro-Series comics as well as the 2013 MLP Equestria Girls Annual issue.

Tony Fleecs is an L.A. based comic book writer and artist who’s credits include In My Lifetime, Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here, and notably, MLP:FiM, amongst others. He is credited with drawing for the Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash MLP Micro-Series comics, issue #2 of MLP Friends Forever, and the 2013 MLP Equestria Girls Annual issue as well as several covers for each of the MLP:FiM comics.

Heather Nuhfer is an award-nominated writer of several bestselling comics and a self proclaimed “eater of pie”. She is best known for writing several of the the MLP:FiM comic book arcs, such as “Nightmare Rarity,” “Pirate Ponies,” and “Bookworm.” Her other kid-friendly works include graphic novel adaptations of Monster High, Scooby Doo, and Strawberry Shortcake.

Find them via their twitter handles at @TonyFleecs  @HeatherNuhfer  @angienessyo and @AndyPriceArt . Don’t forget to follow @babsconsf for all of our announcements and contests! And stay tuned! Along with our announcement of Ashleigh Ball, this party is just getting started!

BABSCon Levels Up to “Mane 6” with Ashleigh Ball

Mane 6 Power-Up!

“Golden Gates, what does the scanner say about BABSCon’s guest level?”

The one and only Ashleigh BallThe moment you all have been absolutely expecting is now here. Appearing for the first time in as many years, BABSCon 2014 is proud to announce the lovely and talented Ashleigh Ball as a Guest of Honor.

The star of the recent documentary A Brony Tale will be coming to the Bay Area Brony Spectacular Convention this coming April 18-20 to give bronies a big “Howdy Ya’ll!” and an experience that’s guaranteed to be “So Awesome!” A voice actress since early 2005 when she first appeared in Trollz, Ashleigh Ball has portrayed such notable roles as Blythe Baxter in Littlest Pet Shop, Oopsy Bear in Care Bears, Plum Pudding in Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Adventures, and Mary Test in Johnny Test.

Oh, and should we also mention she plays Rainbow Dash and Applejack in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

Thats right, Ashleigh Ball will complete the “Mane 6” at BABSCon as she joins Tara Strong, Andrea Libman, and a special appearance by Tabitha St. Germain. A feat that NO other MLP convention has ever accomplished! If you want to see them all in one place then come on down to the Bay Area and see not only the “Mane 6” but the voices of Spike the Dragon, Mayor Mare, Princess Celestia, Miss Cheerilee, Big Macintosh, Ahuizotl, Mr. Cake, and Babs Seed, just to name a few.

If you missed seeing Ashleigh at her convention appearances in 2013, now is your chance! As a bonus, you can also come see her for less by using the BABSCon exclusive coupon code MANE6COMPLETE during pre-registration. But hurry…pre-reg ends April 4th!

And wait! THIS ISNT EVEN MY FINAL FORM!! We aren’t done yet…we still have more to announce for this year’s hottest convention so stay tuned right here and at our twitter @babsconsf!

Art by MysticAlpha | My Little Pony characters © Hasbro Inc.