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Thank You, Everypony! We're Back in 2016 and We Have Nicole Oliver For You!

Golden Gates, Silver Span, and Copper Chip thank you!

We can't believe that BABSCon 2015 is already behind us and 2,648 of you came together in the spirit of friendship and FUN! FUN! FUN! That's about 300 more than last year. Once again, we're the second-largest MLP con in the world, and we're humbled by your support.

We did our best to give you the most awesome programming—the best panels, events, concert, parties, and kids' activities—and you told us that we actually managed to top our incredible first year. This is the highest praise you could possibly give us.

Because of this, we're proud to announce that we'll be back on April 22-24, 2016, once again at the beautiful Hyatt Regency SFO, with Guest of Honor Nicole Oliver.

Register now for insanely low early-bird prices!

Nicole Oliver



Your BABSCon Survival Guide

BABSCon Survival Guide

OK, folks, welcome to BABSCon. Here's what you need to know!

  • Please read the Code of Conduct. These rules apply to everyone, so you'd best know them. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse!
  • You can find the Schedule of Events here! It will be kept completely up to date and reflect any last-minute changs. Be sure to check out the Tabletop Gaming and Autograph tabs on the bottom to see those schedules as well!
  • Here's your map of all con spaces. It's your friend.
  • Don't necessarily want to carry your con book around everywhere? It's available in handy-dandy PDF format which you can add to your portable device of choice!
  • 6-2-1! What does that mean? For every day you're at BABSCon, it's highly recommended that you get at least 6 hours of sleep, 2 nutritious meals (not Cheetos & Red Bull, people!), and 1 shower. At least. Everyone will like you much better, inculding and especially you.
  • Please treat our Guests of Honor with the respect they deserve. You'll have plenty of opportunity to see them at panels, in the autograph room, and if you're a sponsor-level member (High Society or above), at the VIP meet-n-greet. If they talk to you, that's great! But if they're obviously in a hurry, let them go where they need to go.

With this info in hand, you are now ready for The BABSCon Experience™. Prepare for the awesome!

BABSCon 2016 to Broaden Focus: Ponies Meet Pro Wrestling!

Bay Area Big Show

BABSCon 2015 is upon us in only two days!

But, even though we're not done with 2015 quite yet, we thought we would introduce you to the shape of BABSCons to come.

Courtesy of the astonishing response we've gotten from events like Dustykatt's HoofWrestleMania, the surprising prevalence of bronies in the world of professional wrestling, and acknowledgements of recent trends within the larger brony fandom, we came to the conclusion that a broadening of our focus away from being purely My Little Pony would be for the best.

Other conventions, such as DrawnCon and Animation Celebration, have already pivoted toward a theme of Western animation as a whole, so we naturally didn't want to find ourselves once again competing for a niche. Consequently, in addition to ponies, BABSCon will begin to feature the very best from the world of professional wrestling.

And do we have an announcement for you! Our first Guests of Honor as we enter this new "Attitude Era" of BABSCon are the eternally aggressive John Cena and the Eighth Wonder of the World, The Big Show, Paul Wight.

In addition, in honor of this move and our first guest, we will be re-branding ourselves as the Bay Area BIG SHOW. What can we say? We like the acronym.

So, get ready for the marriage of pegasi and piledrivers in April 2016!

Meet the Mascots

Learn a little something about Golden Gates and her adorable little sibs, Silver Span & Copper Chip…IN 3-D!

BABSCon Has THE Best Season 5 Premiere Party!

Season 5 Premiere Party!

Going to BABSCon? Worried that you might miss the premiere of Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Well you won’t miss it! That's right, everypony! Thanks to our friends at Ponyville Live!, BABSCon, with the blessing of Discovery Family, is pleased to bring you, commercial-free, the incredibly long-awaited 2-part season premiere, and it’s going to be big!

Be in our Mane Events hall early to get a good seat; screening starts at 9AM on Saturday, 4/4. An hour after it's done, our big ol' Voice Actor’s panel begins, too! There will even be overflow rooms too so don’t feel like you won’t get a seat. Tell all your Bay Area friends because the viewing is free—no con membership is required to see the 2-part premiere!

As far as we know, this will be the largest-ever single screening of a My Little Pony season premiere. And with that many friends around you, it's gonna be a whole lotta magic. Come join us April 3rd – 5th at BABSCon. Register today at to join the fun!

#LuckOfTheBABSCon Contest! New Memberships! Schedule Posted! Oh, and SEASON 5 PREMIERE!


Golden Gates is here to bring you a bit of luck this St. Patrick’s Day with 2 more of our top-tier Mane Character memberships and 10 more High Society memberships! But these two Mane Characters are special: each will be able to specify the MLP:FiM character of their choice for its theme—except for the Mane 6, Spike, or Derpy. (They’re taken!) You want Luna? You got her! DJ Pon-3? Done! The dashing Doctor Hooves? He’s yours!

Our Mane Character memberships are the absolute ultimate BABSCon experience. They come with a Con-Exclusive Swag Bag (incl. bag, t-shirt, premium lanyard, VIP pin), $80 in autograph vouchers, front-of-line privileges, preferred seating, VIP meet-n-greet with all of our Guests of Honor, exclusive Book of Friendship box by PixelKitties, con-exclusive pendant by Silver Slinger, con-exclusive plushes of all 3 BABSCon mascot ponies, 15” Golden Gates plush by EquestriaPlush (here's last year's, but this year's will be a new design…only 10 will ever exist!), unique character-themed Shadow Box by The Paper Pony, and an intimate meal with a BABSCon Guest of Honor.

Our High Society memberships include the swag bag, front-of-line privileges, preferred seating, and that tasty VIP meet-n-greet. It’s our most popular premium package!

As for our Noble Pony memberships, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself because it's too crazy to mention. They are marked to move!

We also have a contest for you, so care to test your luck? Just tweet #LuckOfTheBABSCon to @babsconsf and tell us how excited you are for BABSCon. You’ll be entered to win a free Ponyville Pony 3-day pass! The winner will be picked at random and announced after we’ve all recovered on 3/18.

Need more reason to #GETHYPE? We are going to have the biggest Premiere party for Season 5 on the planet! Check out our schedule of events. That’s a whole lot of awesome for just three short days. Register now!

BABSCon is pleased to welcome Special Guest, Black Gryph0n!

Special Black Gryph0n will grace NEIGHhem's stage!

With our NEIGHhem concert already bursting with bass dropping talent, we are excited to announce Special Guest, Black Gryph0n! Our mane event for the concerts, Black Gryph0n, (aka Gabriel Brown) is a 25 year old American singer, actor, songwriter and animator who is one of the MLP fandom’s most popular and versatile artists. Musically, Gabe first became known for such songs as Proud To Be A Brony and Paper Sky. As an animator, his “licious” series (Twilightlicious, Rainbowlicious, Pinkalicious,etc) was a huge hit. He is also a popular “reactor” on ACRacebest’s Bronies React series.

At the age of 18, Gabe joined the US Navy and was training in special operations when he broke his femur in a sky diving accident. He switched to the Navy’s music department and then spent three years touring the Eastern Hemisphere as lead singer for the 7th Fleet Band’s Orient Express. He was awarded three Achievement Medals as "a superb vocalist/entertainer"; singing in 12 languages and multiple genres during hundreds of engagements. Now separated from active duty with an honourable discharge, Gabe has a full time career as a performing artist with an extensive following around the world. He has released IMmortal, a CD of original songs with his brother Baasik, including hits like Set in Stone, Crusader (Are We There Yet), and Faster Than You Know. After a successful collaborative cover of Michael Jackson’s Beat It with Michelle Creber (voice of Apple Bloom), Gabe and Michelle now work as a duo; recording, performing, touring, creating comedy sketches and releasing co-written original songs. Visit him at

If you’re ready to get down with the some of the best talent of the fandom, register now at

NEIGHhem Takes an Encore at BABSCon

More Mind-Melting Music at NEIGHhem!

We melted your face with our first set of NEIGHhem musicians, but now we’re melting your brain with a second wave.

We have 2 nights, 12 solid hours, and 22 acts ready to send you to bed at dawn after dancing your flank off. Rock, rap, EDM…there’s something for everyone at NEIGHhem.

Next on the hit parade are: OMNI, djtetsuo (who will also try to take Dustykatt’s hoof-’rasslin’ belt from him this year), EHT, Tarby, Cyril the Wolf, IbeConcept, RhymeFlow, K.O.C.E, Seventh Element, Chang3ling, Casual Toast, and darselex!

If you’re ready to shake your tail, register now at