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HELLO, SAN FRANCISCO! Daniel Ingram & Steffan Andrews Will Rock BABSCon

Daniel Ingram & Steffan Andrews

BABSCon brings you the unstoppable dynamically daring duo who bring you all the magical melodies you know and love from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, including such hits as "The Smile Song," "Winter Wrap-Up," and "This Day Aria." Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews join the ever-growing BABSCon guest list as our experts in symphonic scores and cunning composition.

Daniel Ingram boasts an impressive breadth of musical experience and talent. With over 200 songs composed, Ingram has been featured in Littlest Pet Shop, Combat School, The Stagers, About A Girl, and numerous other works. Daniel Ingram has composed every ballad, aria, rocker, and wub-fest you’ve enjoyed in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and  Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. Additionally, Daniel directs the vocals for every song on the show, coaxing the singing sweetness from the voice actors we all know and love.

Steffan Andrews creates the orchestral component of the enchanting music from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Andrews has also been featured in Littlest Pet Shop, The League of Super Evil, and Martha Speaks among others. Andrews’ orchestrations add scope and depth that helps make the music of My Little Pony better than all the rest!

Between them, Steffan Andrews and Daniel Ingram share two Leo Awards and one nomination for Best Musical Score in an Animated Program or Series. They’ll be joining Tara Strong, Cathy Weseluck, Claire & Ian Corlett, Brian & Brynna Drummond, Heather Breckel, and Tony Fleecs among our Guests of Honor at BABSCon 2015. Register today for the chance to meet these amazing artists!

The Voice: Equestria Returns for Season 2!

The Voice: Equestria 2

It’s time to whip out those vocal exercises because back this April, is Season 2 of The Voice: Equestria! We challenge you to show us what you’ve got in that mouth of yours, in the ultimate contest of audible creativity. Make it to the final round and the woman of a 1,000 voices herself, Tara Strong and her friends get to hear your vocal talent, on stage, in lights, in front of a live audience at BABSCon. But we don’t want to hear your best impressions of Twilight or Pinkie, we want your own characters out of your own head. That’s right, we want your OCs. So, do you have what it takes to impress Tara and our other Guests of Honor?

If you, brave and talented soul, are attending BABSCon this April and wish to enter, submit to us a short YouTube video of yourself strutting your stuff and that wicked tongue of yours, then tweet a link of that video to @babsconsf with the hashtag #TheVoiceEquestria, or post to our Facebook, to grab the pre-contest judges’ attention. Finalists will be chosen to compete and perform in front of a panel of our Guests of Honor for the grand prize and the title of being The Voice of Equestria.

The Rules:

  1. You must be attending BABSCon in person and be 18 or over to be eligible.
  2. To enter, upload a video to YouTube (or similar service) of no more than 3 minutes in length displaying your range as a VA* (Note: This is NOT “mimic as many ponies from MLP:FiM as possible”…we want distinct characters with a variety of pitches, tonalities, accents, etc.).
  3. Tweet a link of your video to @babsconsf with the hashtag #TheVoiceEquestria, or post to our Facebook, to submit it, and send an email to with your name, BABSCon badge name, email address, and phone number.
  4. Our staff will select finalists from the submissions to compete on stage, live at BABSCon, where Tara Strong herself, plus two more of the show's VAs will audition you!
  5. Finalists from The Voice: Equestria Season 1 are not eligible.

We’ll be accepting entries from now until 1/31/15.*

*By submitting an entry to The Voice: Equestria, you grant BABSCon permission to use your video, or any portion of it, for promotional purposes, though ownership of the video remains yours.

We also have some bittersweet news for you. Due to his RAW ACTING TALENT, John de Lancie will be reprising his role in a theatrical production of the play, Mr. Wolf, whose run includes the weekend of BABScon 2015. He returns to his role as the title character which he played at the 2014 Pacific Playwrights Festival last April. The run was so successful, that they called him back for a longer run in 2015:

“Unfortunately, and with much disappointment on his part, John de Lancie must postpone his appearance at BABSCon until 2016 due to a work conflict that has just arisen. He has been cast in an exciting play, which will be in preparation and performance during the period of the convention. He truly regrets he won’t be able to attend the show in 2015, but he looks forward to 2016. Imagine how many more tales he will have to tell by then! As soon as the official announcement of his appearance in the play is announced, we will post the link here. He would love to see some MLP fans at the play (it is called Mr. Wolf and is a really great role for John!). He sends his best wishes and will see you all in 2016 at BABSCon!”

See? it’s not all bad. Mr. de Lancie is excited to appear at BABSCon in 2016, plus BABCon has been presented with the opportunity to book even more of the fantastic people that bring us the magical world of Equestria and My Little Pony into our lives! And starting now, we plan to announce new guests and contests every 5 days! Discord or not, BABSCon 2015 will be bigger and better than ever! And don’t forget, you could be our next big VA on stage with The Voice: Equestria. The competition starts now!

Claire & Ian Corlett Raise BABSCon’s Cuteness AND Power Levels!

Claire and Ian Corlett are gonna tear up a good way!

Beware the power of The Squeak™!

Claire Corlett—Sweetie Belle herself—is going to overwhelm BABSCon 2015 with the power of her weapons-grade adorableness. And as for her daddy, Ian James Corlett…what’s his power level? Over 9000?! There’s no way that can be right!

Claire & Ian Corlett’s multigenerational talent runs the gamut from Claire’s endearing performance as Cutie Mark Crusader Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, and Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks to Ian’s classic role as Goku in Dragon Ball Z, one of the best-known anime series of all time. And let’s not forget that Ian also voiced Flim-Flam assistant Silver Shill in MLP:FiM "Leap of Faith," who helped Applejack earn her Key of Honesty. His other notable roles include Mega Man from the Mega Man franchise, Cheetor from Beast Wars: Transformers, and Coconuts from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog among others.

The dynamic Corlett duo joins Tara Strong, Cathy Weseluck, Brian and Bryanna Drummond, Tony Fleecs, Heather Breckel and many more wonderful guests this April at BABSCon. We hope to see you there, so register now!

(Art by AphexAngel)

BABSCon Gets Twilightlicious With Tara Strong

Announcing TARA STRONG!

Fillies and Gentlecolts, BABSCon is pleased to announce that the talented voice actress behind the newest friendship princess on the block, Tara Strong, is coming to BABSCon in 2015! Dubbed by some as the “Queen of the Bronies” for her dedication to her fans, Her Twilightliciousness™ will bring a special kind of magic to our convention this spring in her first MLP con appearance since BABSCon 2014.

During those first few episodes of MLP:FiM, we were enraptured by the charming, panicky, purple, smart little unicorn that started us on our journey through Equestria. The humble beginnings of our fandom stirred as we watched through Twilight’s eyes, and discovered the magic of friendship alongside her. Tara Strong was the voice that helped make this magic happen. But Tara has done more than lend her voice to Princess Celestia’s prized pupil. Impressed by bronies so much, she went on to be an executive producer for Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.

Most of us have grown up hearing Tara our whole lives since been the voice of Timmy Turner in The Fairly Oddparents, Raven on Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, Ben Tennyson on Ben 10,  Bubbles on The Powerpuff Girls, Dil Pickles on Rugrats, and even Hello Kitty herself when Tara was a wee one. In video games, she’s voiced Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Knight, Juliet Starling in Lollipop Chainsaw, and the one and only Squirrel Girl in Marvel Heroes. WHEW! And all that is just the tip of the iceberg…

We can’t wait for what surprises Season 5 holds as Tara guides Twilight Sparkle to expand her kingdom of friendship to the borders of Equestria and beyond! Come join Tara for panels, fun, and maybe a competition or two at BABSCon 2015.

Tara Strong joins John de Lancie, Cathy Weseluck, Brian Drummond, Brynna Drummond, Heather Breckel, and Tony Fleecs among our Guests of Honor. Register today at as premium memberships are going fast!

How’s that for a holiday weekend surprise?

(Art by Lolo — support Lolo’s Patreon!)

BABSCon Packs a Punch with Brian and Brynna Drummond

The Drummonds are coming! The Drummonds are coming!

BABSCon is pleased to announce that the father-daughter duo of Brian and Brynna Drummond are back again and more powerful than ever! Brian is the voice of many of the stallions on MLP:FiM, including Seabreeze, Mr. Cake, Dr. Hooves, Filthy Rich, Caramel, Sheriff Silverstar, and Daring Do’s archnemesis, Ahuizotl, among others. He also voiced the mysterious ‘Delivery Pony’ from Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. This is all, of course, in addition to his extensive voice acting and acting career in other works (with 190 IMDB credits)! A few notable mentions of Brian’s career are Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Ryuk on DeathNote, Kruncha and Nuckal on the animated lego TV series Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and a number of roles in franchises like Transformers, X-Men, Mobile Suite Gundam, and Inspector Gadget. Brian even voiced Spike in a few 3rd generation My Little Pony movies!

Following in her father’s foot steps, Brynna Drummond is well on her way to becoming prominent in the next generation of voice actors. She voices John Darling on The New Adventures of Peter Pan, but you know her best as Cutie Mark Crusader #4, Babs Seed, on MLP:FiM. Come meet both Brynna and Brian at this April’s biggest brony convention for panels, fun, and more!

Brian and Brynna join John de Lancie, Cathy Weseluck, Tony Fleecs, Heather Breckel and many more of the people who bring us the MLP:FiM franchise alive. Premium memberships are running out fast, and hotel rooms are filling up, so be sure to get yours soon! Register online today at!

Hmmmm, isn’t this Friday... Black Friday?

Apply for the BABSCon Art Show!

Be in our Art Show!

The BABSCon 2015 Art Show is taking applications from now until 1/15/2015! Bring us your very best, museum-quality art to be appreciated by all and perhaps sell for some serious bits at silent auction. 

All the details are here!

BABSCon Issue #2: Lines by Fleecs, Colors by Breckel!

Heather Breckel & Tony Fleecs are coming to BABSCon!

Kapow! Shazam! Blamo! Who doesn’t enjoy the graphic storytelling and immersive speech-bubble dialogue of comics? Fans of all ages can enjoy a comic book or two, so that’s why we’re bringing our own superhero pastel pony comic artists to BABSCon!

Heather Breckel and Tony Fleecs are part of the amazing team that make the several My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW Comic series a reality. Heather Breckel is the colorist for issues 1-20 of the hit My Little Pony Comic series, as well as a number of issues for the My Little Pony: Micro-Series and Friends Forever series. Her coloring talent extends to comic series like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Monster High, and Scooby Doo. Tony Fleecs is a Los Angeles comic writer and illustrator, well-known for drawing for the MLP:FiM, MLP Micro-Series, and Friends Forever series, as well as his own works, In My Lifetime and Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here.

BABSCon invites you to come meet, talk, and draw upon the knowledge of these two talented artists, as they share their experience illustrating the My Little Pony comics and their careers as artists. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to color your world with Tony Fleecs and Heather Breckel!

Don’t forget! Tony and Heather join John de Lancie, Cathy Weseluck and more of the talented people who bring ponies to our lives a BABSCon 2015. Register today at and stay tuned for more artistic events and guests here at BABSCon!

Cathy Weseluck Lights the Torch for BABSCon!

Cathy Weseluck comes to BABSCon!

Golden Gates, take a letter! With the Equestria Games over and the break coming to an end, it’s high time to breathe some fire into the heart of San Fransiscolt. These ponies need to learn the magic of friendship from…a dragon? A mayor? A voice actress?

Multi-talented voice actress Cathy Weseluck, voice of Spike the Dragon and Mayor Mare, will grace us all with her appearance at our very own BABSCon! Joining John de Lancie on our ever-growing all-star guest list, Cathy’s expertise and talent in voice acting offers much to be admired. Apart from rescuing crystal hearts and singing anthems, Cathy has performed a number of roles in animated television, including excitable bunny Buttercream Sundae from Littlest Pet Shop, Ayumi from InuYasha, Near from Death Note, and the ever lovable Chiaotzu & Android from Dragon Ball Z.

Trustworthy assistant and loyal dragon, we’ll be sure to extend our warmest welcome to Cathy. We’re certainly excited for what she has to offer. Come join us on April 3-5 and see Cathy Weseluck, John de Lancie at BABSCon. Registration is still open, so be sure to reserve your spot!

Art by Inkie Heart