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Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 15 - April 17, 2022
Hyatt Regency SFO

How to BABSCon (2022 SPAAAAACE Edition!)

How to BABSCon (2022 SPAAAAACE Edition!)

We're approaching our destination planet, astroponies! Kick off that suspended animation brain freeze, stop playing with the warp core, and have something tasty from the protein extruders. But before you interact with your fellow ponies and our amazing Guests of Honor, you need to know a few things!

  1. This year, we need to keep safe from the alien organism from planet COVID-19. Everypony needs to mask up while in con space and have their proof of vaccination ready upon arrival. Read and follow our COVID Protocols to keep you and everypony else healthy.
  2. Also, have those Digital Proofs of Vaccination (or approved alternative) ready for the reg staffer when you pick up your badge. No one likes LineCon.
  3. You can read our Con Book in handy-dandy PDF form on your supercomputer or space-PADD of choice. (i.e.Readable on any computer, mobile device, or the ebook-reader.)
  4. Our Schedule of Events, just in case you'd rather browse it on the website rather than read a PDF.
  5. This year’s theme: BABSCon…and BEYOND! (or, put another way for a different reference, Ponies…in…SPAAAACE!) We're exploring past the final frontier, our own limits, and even a bit beyond ponies themselves. We'll avoid weird monoliths, tho. Encounters with those never end well. 
  6. Da Rules™. Here's our Code of Conduct. Learn it, love it, live it.
  7. Our Vendor Area. Plan where to spend all your bits, credits, or gold-pressed latinum…ALL OF THEM!
  8. 6-2-1. "What's 6-2-1?" we hear you ask. Simple…for every day of the con, every attendee (or staffer) should get at least: 6 hours of sleep, 2 nutritious meals, and 1 shower. AT. LEAST. No, a Red Bull and some Cheetos doesn't qualify as a "nutritious meal." People collapsing of exhaustion, low blood sugar, or dehydration don't have a lot of fun. And people who don't shower make things far less fun for everyone around them. So…6-2-1. Got it, space cowboy?
  9. Stay Hydrated! In the same vein as 6-2-1 above, look for hydration stations and water service stations throughout the con space and the hotel to fill your water bottles and stay healthy & shiny.
  10. ENJOY BABSCon 2022!!

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