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BABSCon 2023 Brings the Owl Magic with Sarah-Nicole Robles

BABSCon 2023 Brings the Owl Magic with Sarah-Nicole Robles

In keeping with recent tradition here at BABSCon, we’re bringing in another envoy to Equestria from a friendly land. This time, from The Boiling Isles, we’re bringing The Owl House’s own Luz Noceda, Sarah-Nicole Robles! She’s coming out to come play with the ponies because, as Luz would say, us weirdos have to stick together. (#LumityForever)

In addition to her breakout role as Luz in The Owl House, Sarah-Nicole’s vocal talents are on display playing characters such as Flytrap in Carmen Sandiego, Señora Ozma in Encanto, Zuma in Kung-Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight, and Scarlet on Star Darlings (written by MLP’s very own Amy Keating Rogers). She’s also made on-camera appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles, and more. You can follow Sarah-Nicole on Twitter and Instagram.

Sara-Nicole joins Katrina Salisbury among our Guests of Honor, and look for more announcements very soon!

So register now and book your hotel room to show Sarah-Nicole the magic of Equestrian friendship this April 7–9 as we indulge in nostalgia at BABSCon 2023. We’re also always looking for volunteers and still need your help in our Capital Campaign Drive.

(Art by MidnightPremiere)

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