Capital Campaign Drive FAQ

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 7 - April 9, 2023
Hyatt Regency SFO

FAQ for Our Capital Campaign Drive

Hello everyone, we know you might have some questions regarding our ongoing fundraising efforts, so to that end, we're created this FAQ. A link to this FAQ will be added to the Indiegogo page and our CCD progress page.  

  1. Will BABSCon happen in 2023?
    Barring calamity, yes.
  2. How does my donation change this?
    The $50,000 will ensure that we'll be able to pay for everything we need to bring you the full BABSCon experience: our A/V needs (how our stages, lights, etc. look), our upfront hotel cost (required to reserve the space), and the Guests of Honor we're able to bring to BABSCon 2023.
  3. Why should BABSCon get my donation?
    Your donation will be used to make an amazing con experience about which you'll be able to say "I did that!" Additionally, we have many perks available including potential tax write-offs!
  4. What Happens if BABSCon does not reach its goal?
    In the event we fail to reach our goal of $50,000 we will still use your donation to pay our hotel bill, and fund any other up front costs such as A/V equipment, but will result in a reduction in what we can offer you.

    We are making other changes, such as cutting costs, and attempting to generate revenue in other ways in addition to this fundraiser. Your donation will help us provide a the best convention we can in 2023 even if we do not meet our goal, though we can't overstate how important it is for us to meet our goal to give you the BABSCon you deserve.
  5. Is BABSCon making any changes internally to be prepared if this campaign does not reach its goal?
    Yes, we have asked all department heads to audit their spending together with our finance team and leadership, in order to identify and cut any unnecessary spending. We are using our contractually obligated hotel rooms for our party organizers and Community Guests rather than giving them to any BABSCon staff.

    This includes six large rooms we'll be giving to our new special Sponsor tier, the Presidential tier. Also, We are not hosting a BABSCon party this year. These are just some of the ways we are trying to avoid unnecessary spending and still give you a great convention.
  6. On the Indiegogo page it says flexible goal, does this mean the goal will change? Does this mean the goal will be raised in the future?
    No, we will not be changing the goal, the goal will stay $50,000.00 and stretch goals will not be added.
  7. Flexible is a word that Indiegogo uses to define the two types of funding: All or Nothing or Flexible.
    With All or Nothing, the funds are held by Indiegogo until the goal is reached and the campaign is over. Flexible means we get the funds even if the campaign doesn't reach its goal. 
  8. Why did we choose the Flexible funding option?
    Flexible funding was needed for two reasons: 1) any money we raise will enable us to pay the hotel upfront and meet our obligations, 2) the due dates for the payments that are before the convention are coming up fast. We couldn't take the risk of our funds being held for six months or longer.

We're not flawless. We acknowledge our past mistakes. However, our team at BABSCon is committed to changing ourselves for the better and cutting costs where necessary. Our team is willing to go the extra mile to make Easter weekend 2023 and future BABSCons an unforgettable experience, so please help us by donating if you can, and by spreading the word.

Hurry now and secure your membership for BABSCon 2023!