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April 10 - April 12, 2020

BABSCon 2020 Gets Celestial with Nicole Oliver!

BABSCon 2020 Gets Celestial with Nicole Oliver!

She raises and sets the Sun. She sends ponies to the moon! She journeys to inner space when not hugging trees, and broadens the mind-space of all Ponyville’s fillies and colts. Actually, she doesn’t do any of these things, but the characters she voices do because she’s the radiant Nicole Oliver! And if anyone embodies the BABSCon 2020 spirit of “…AND BEYOND!” it’s her.

(Watch Nicole’s awesome intro video here!)

To fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls, her sultry voice is instantly recognizable as Princess Celestia, while her talent and skill allow her to become beloved teacher Cheerilee and the nature-loving Tree Hugger, among others. She also starred as purple pooch Zoe Trent and so many more on Littlest Pet Shop, Sally & Miranda on Transformers: Energon, and lent her voice to a variety of characters in the Barbie and Ninjago franchises. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Nicole joins the writer who sent Celestia and Luna ziplining in “Between Dark and Dawn,” Gail Simone, among our Guests of Honor. Needless to say, we’ve just gotten started, so watch for lots more announcements.

So don’t miss out! Go register now—and don’t forget to book your room—to join Nicole Oliver and all of us at BABSCon as we take you to the stars, AND BEYOND!

(Art by NoisyPaperDragon, Befish, and CuttleDreams)

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