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BABSCon Draws the Line With IDW Comics Artist Brenda Hickey

BABSCon Draws the Line With IDW Comics Artist Brenda Hickey

We just can’t stop ourselves from announcing Guests of Honor for this year! Our latest heroic addition to BABSCon 2018, in her very first MLP convention appearance, is the amazingly talented Brenda Hickey.

Brenda’s been penciling her way through the various IDW My Little Pony titles for some years now, with her credits including Friendship is Magic (issues #13-14, 24, 40, 63), FIENDship is Magic (issue #1, Sombra), Micro-Series (issue #6, Applejack), Friends Forever (issues #12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 25, 29), and the recent and awesome movie tie-in, Legends of Magic (issues #1-6). Also check out her self-published title, Titian in the Halls of the Turnip King, and her webcomic, In the Air.

Brenda joins BABSCon 2018 Guests of Honor John de Lancie, Andrea Libman, Kelly Sheridan, Trevor Devall, Bill Newton, Amy Keating Rogers, Nicole Dubuc, Heather Breckel, and Christina Rice. Don’t forget to hit Brenda and our other IDW guests up for art, books, and more in the Vendor Hall, and follow her on Twitter.

If you haven’t registered yet for BABSCon 2018, what are you waiting for? Register now! We’re almost out of swanky sponsor packages with more perks  swag than you can shake a pony plushie at. Our special con-rate hotel block closes on March 14, so don’t forget to book your stay. And we can always still use more staff, so think about volunteering.

(Art by Eifichan)

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