BABSCon 2016 Vendor Area

Vendor Hall Hours:

Friday: 10:00 PM—6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM—6:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM—5:00 PM


Vendor Area Map

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Vendors, Artists, and Exhibitors by Table

A1 Coins of Harmony
A2 FireBrand-kun's Pony Art
A3 Citizen Smiley Creations
A4 Princrim
A5 Confused Lyra & Roan
A6 Confused Lyra & Roan
A7 Ponyfinder
A8 Ambris Art
A9 Bronycrafters
A10 Bronycrafters
A11 DarkFlame
A12 DarkFlame
B1 Cute Parade
B2 Puzzled Characters
B3 Christa D.
B4 KefkaFloyd Prints & Art
B5 RatofDrawn
B6 FlavinBagel and ColtierPony
B7 Sugar Clay Cafe
B8 Sugar Clay Cafe
C1 Tinbully Knits
C2 Waffle Wishes
C3 The Fizzy Filly Bath Bombs
D1 MakeMyGraphic
D2 MakeMyGraphic
D3 Rozga
D4 Ardail's Coffey Shop
E1 Cutie Corral
E2 Cutie Corral
E3 Breakfast Tee
E4 My Little Ties
E5 SilverSlinger
E6 EquestriaPlush
E7 EquestriaPlush
F1 The Paper Pony
F2 The Paper Pony
F3 CrayonChewer
F4 The Perler Pony
F5 Athena's Wink
F6 Viw's Art
G1 Snuggle T's
G2 Tsitra360
G3 Chocolate Pony's Tarot and Horse Famous
G4 SombraShop
G5 Panda Kitty Studios

H1 Braeburned!
H2 Steve Holt!
H3 Steve Holt!
H4 Chronoskies
H5 Andy Price Art
H6 Jeremy Whitley
H7 Rina-chan
H8 Dawn Somewhere (FimFlamFilosophy!)
H9 Mink Works
H10 Laser Cuts by Earth-Pony
H12 CheckerBoardAZN Arts
H13 TeaTimeJess
H14 Ai Kawaii
H15 Ai Kawaii
H16 Surf City Etching
H17 Surf City Etching
H18 The New Gray Mare
J1 KLPlushies
J2 KLPlushies
J3 NCMares
J4 Adlynh's Creations
J5 Shottsy Arts - Twisted Tails
J6 Shottsy Arts - Twisted Tails
K1 Mittymandi
K2 The Bunny Wispery
K3 Tattoos by Kelley Goodwin
K4 Tattoos by Kelley Goodwin
L1 World's Best Comics and Toys
L2 World's Best Comics and Toys
L3 Purple Tinker's Lab
L4 Purple Tinker's Lab
L5 Cherriesama
L6 Cherriesama
M1 BABSCon Store
M2 BABSCon Store
M3 BABSCon Store
N1 NEIGHhem Musicians' Merch Table
N2 NEIGHhem Musicians' Merch Table
N3 The Brony Thank You Fund
P1 Further Confusion
P2 Ponyville Ciderfest
P3 Poniverse
P4 Pacific Pony Con
P5 BronyCAN

Vendors, Artists, and Exhibitors by Name

Adlynh's Creations J4
Ai Kawaii H14-H15
Ambris Art A8
Andy Price Art H5
Ardail's Coffey Shop D4
Athena's Wink F5
BABSCon Store M1-M3
Braeburned! H1

Breakfast Tee E3
BronyCAN P5
Bronycrafters A9-A10
CheckerBoardAZN Arts H12
Cherriesama L5-L6
Chocolate Pony's Tarot and Horse Famous G3
Christa D. B3
Chronoskies H4
Citizen Smiley Creations A3
Coins of Harmony A1
Confused Lyra & Roan A5-A6
CrayonChewer F3
Cute Parade B1
Cutie Corral E1-E2
DarkFlame A11-A12
Dawn Somewhere (FimFlamFilosophy!) H8
EquestriaPlush E6-E7
FireBrand-kun's Pony Art A2
FlavinBagel and ColtierPony B6
Further Confusion P1
Jeremy Whitley H6
KefkaFloyd Prints & Art B4
KLPlushies J1-J2
Laser Cuts by Earth-Pony H10
MakeMyGraphic D1-D2


Mink Works H9
Mittymandi K1
My Little Ties E4
NCMares J3
NEIGHhem Musicians' Merch Table N1-N2
Pacific Pony Con P4
Panda Kitty Studios G5
Poniverse P3
Ponyfinder A7
Ponyville Ciderfest P2
Purple Tinker's Lab L3-L4
Puzzled Characters B2
RatofDrawn B5
Rina-chan H7
Rozga D3
Shottsy Arts - Twisted Tails J5-J6
SilverSlinger E5
Snuggle T's G1
SombraShop G4
Steve Holt! H2-H3
Sugar Clay Cafe B7-B8
Surf City Etching H16-H17
Tattoos by Kelley Goodwin K3-K4
TeaTimeJess H13
The Brony Thank You Fund N3
The Bunny Wispery K2
The Fizzy Filly Bath Bombs C3
The New Gray Mare H18
The Paper Pony F1-F2
The Perler Pony F4
Tinbully Knits C1
Tsitra360 G2
Viw's Art F6
Waffle Wishes C2
World's Best Comics and Toys L1-L2