Merchandise Sponsorships

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 7 - April 9, 2023
Hyatt Regency SFO

Would you like to help us create some con swag?

For a limited time, we are partnering with our Design Team to create some brand new gear for our “Memory Lane” theme.

The artists will be paid a commission fee. All extra proceeds will go directly into ordering these merchandise items!

Each option below will guarantee you:

  • The first 2 pieces of that merchandise item, to be received at BABSCon 2023.
  • A custom YCH (Your Character Here) art piece of your pony character wearing that item.
  • Your name in the BABSCon 2023 Conbook as a Thank-You!


First come, first serve! Here are our available Merch options:

  • Scarf: Golden Sunset
  • Scarf: Grunge Stripe
  • Lanyard: Rainbow Rubix
  • Available in Con Store
  • Item available to Sponsor-level attendees only!
  • Item available to Sponsor-level attendees only!

Apply now!

Hurry now and secure your membership for BABSCon 2023!