The BABS Book of Friendship

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 2 - April 4, 2021 Rescheduled

The BABS Book of Friendship

Bound in Friendship

In 2017, we quietly set out a simple podium and a leather bound book, embossed with the Tree of Harmony, and filled with blank pages. Almost full now, this is our Book of Friendship and within its pages hold the thoughts, stories, and heartfelt lessons learned from our attendees and staff. Here are some of those entries...


Dear BABSCon
From me to you... thank you. This is my very first con and all I can say is that this event makes me look forward to the more fun adventures in the future, whether I'm inspired by other artists or meet new people who share the same likes as me. So again...thank you. ~belaced_fringe(a.k.a Belof)
Every Day...
...I seem to learn more and more about friendship! It is exciting, but it's not always easy -- it is hard confronting a friend about something bad they did. However, FRIENDSHIP has taught me that if you really care about someone and you want the best for them, you will try to stop that behavior for them but not because you hate them. Stand up for what is right even when your friends are wrong. They will understand later that is was for the best. ~Golden Gates
Dear Princess Celestia,
First con ever and what an experience it was. I met your student Twilight and more of her friends. I feel like I was able to be myself here, free from the ironclad rules of my regular life. I look forward to next year and seeing all of you. Keep it real. ~Steel-Rail
I've learned so much...
...about friendship this year! All of my new friends are so cool! I think that sometimes people say things that hurt others on accident but when that happens, just speak up! Sometimes people don;t notice they're being mean! Also if are accidentally mean, say sorry! Sorry is a very important word, so let's remember that! ~Silver Span
Dear Princess Celestia,
From the sincere depths of this troubled heart there is a gratitude so immense that my clumsy words cannot provide justice to the love I for all of you present through these past four days, for they forever will hold a dear, dear place in my heart. To everyone who worked hard in the interest of making others happy, THANK YOU! A community so full of love, as the one that populated these halls for the weekend, is like no other and the love for this show and the ponies that unite us, is something that has quite thankfully saved my life. Thank you all for granting me purpose and meaning! May the Ride Never End! ~Anonymous
Geachte lezer, (Dear Reader)
2 flights from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam to the fair city of San Francisco. 15 hours. Was it worth it? The answer does not take that long...YES! ~A Dutch brony
Dear BABSCon,
I want to thank you so much for making this happen for me. You are one of my favorite brony conventions ever. And thank you for making my dream come true to come here. Your friend, ~Cameron
The truth is,
while I like to think I've learned a lot about friendship, I'm still very, VERY, new to it. Just when you think you've learned all there is to know, it turns out that you have a lot left to learn. I can't honestly say I've ever been a patient pony, so that's probably the lesson I need to learn the most. Lucky for me, I've got the best teachers ou can find in the world, whether it be this world or friends. ~A
Dear Princess Celestia,
I mean BABSCon! Thank you to all the lovely ponies who make this convention truly magical. BABS is a huge highlight of my year and this year was the best EVER! All of you, stay wonderful and be yourselves, ALWAYS! this is such a special community of folks and you have all my love!
Your Faithful Student,
~Kelley "Pony" & the whole Lucky Pony Tattoo Family <3
Dear BABSCon,
Thank you for having me and spending the weekend with you all. I not only felt warm from the time I walked in, but I also had something happen inside me during the con. I was inspired to live my dreams through me time here. Despite some tough times/things going on in my personal life, I was given hope to keep at it. Thank you guys so much and I can;t wait until 2018. ~Ayjai
Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that you can find friends anywhere you go. Even here at BABSCon 2017. The Spirit of Friendship is alive and well here. Yours truly, ~Scribe Pony!
Dear BABSCon,
This has been one of the most magical experiences of my life. The spirit of this con is unlike that of any other. I hope next year to help out the next year maybe as staff. Always do what you do here. It's 20% cooler than the rest. ~Hellcat
Friendship... people who make you feel comfortable being youself. ~Lonestar
Dear BABSCon,
Thank you so much for reminding me of how wonderful our community is. You gave me friends, you gave me hope, you gave me memories I'll never forget and I will tell my friends for the next decade. BABSCon is the best convention ever (but don't tell the other cons) ~Minty
Thank you for giving me a chance to test myself, to grow, and to truly see my capabilities in action. It's not always a success, but we lose any shots we don't try for. You let me take that shot. I've made mistakes, but I've never felt unwelcome for them. And through it all, I've found the magic of friendship 3,000 miles from home. This is sobering in a way I have not experienced in a long time, and despite what goes into this, the blood, sweat, and tears, the fact Sunday is here breaks my heart. BABS, you were a necessary step in my life, and I hope I was in yours too. When I board my flight home, it's not going to fell right; somehow you grabbed a little piece of my heart and are holding it on the west coast. ~Jade "Haybuck" Chair BABSCon 2017

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