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Bay Area Brony Spectacular

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April 2 - April 4, 2021 Rescheduled

BABSConline 1.0 Virtual Pony Con STARTS TONIGHT!

BABSConline 1.0 Virtual Pony Con STARTS TONIGHT!

The time is upon us, bronies! Since the coronapocalypse made us delay our meatspace convention until Easter 2021, we’re moving the show to the Internet! To that end, our Fillycon Valley mascot, Copper Chip, has pushed her sister, Golden Gates, aside to bring you BABSConline. (sorrynotsorry)

Running from 7PM–Midnight tonight, Friday 5/8, and 9:30AM–Midnight tomorrow, Saturday 5/9 (all times PDT/UTC-7), we have a full schedule of panels and events, 11 hours of rump-shaking concerts from a list of musicians who’ll make any brony music fan salivate, video gaming tournaments including Them’s Fightin’ Herds and our classic “Settle it at BABS!” Super Smash Bros bash, a renegade stage, and possibly best of all, a well-stocked virtual vendor hall in our Discord convention center.

And it’s all free! Just show up, wear pants or don’t—but stay off camera from the waist down if you don’t, ‘kay?—and enjoy. We all need fun to help us through these tough times! And we wouldn’t want to take your bits for a badge if it keeps you from buying swanky swag from our vendors…including BABSConline exclusives with our adorable mascots that no one else has!

Did you say guests? We have guests! Voice actors Claire Corlett, Peter New, Brian Drummond, and Sunni Westbrook will ham up cold-readings of your comedic submissions, with the best few earning a prize from us. (No purchase necessary, enter as often as you like!) Writer/Producers Nicole Dubuc, Josh Haber, and Mike Vogel will test their wits in a ponified version of the NPR classic, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, followed by a panel and Q&A about bringing our favorite show to a smooth, feels-inducing landing. And comic book artist Andy Price and writer Jeremy Whitley will talk about the eagerly-awaited Season 10 and all things IDW.

So, join our Discord server, check out the BABSConline site, and let us bring you cheer clear until Sunday starts!

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