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Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 2 - April 4, 2021 Rescheduled

BABSConline 1.0 Virtual Pony Con STARTS TONIGHT!

BABSConline 1.0 Virtual Pony Con STARTS TONIGHT!

The time is upon us, bronies! Since the coronapocalypse made us delay our meatspace convention until Easter 2021, we’re moving the show to the Internet! To that end, our Fillycon Valley mascot, Copper Chip, has pushed her sister, Golden Gates, aside to bring you BABSConline. (sorrynotsorry)

Running from 7PM–Midnight tonight, Friday 5/8, and 9:30AM–Midnight tomorrow, Saturday 5/9 (all times PDT/UTC-7), we have a full schedule of panels and events, 11 hours of rump-shaking concerts from a list of musicians who’ll make any brony music fan salivate, video gaming tournaments including Them’s Fightin’ Herds and our classic “Settle it at BABS!” Super Smash Bros bash, a renegade stage, and possibly best of all, a well-stocked virtual vendor hall in our Discord convention center.

And it’s all free! Just show up, wear pants or don’t—but stay off camera from the waist down if you don’t, ‘kay?—and enjoy. We all need fun to help us through these tough times! And we wouldn’t want to take your bits for a badge if it keeps you from buying swanky swag from our vendors…including BABSConline exclusives with our adorable mascots that no one else has!

Did you say guests? We have guests! Voice actors Claire Corlett, Peter New, Brian Drummond, and Sunni Westbrook will ham up cold-readings of your comedic submissions, with the best few earning a prize from us. (No purchase necessary, enter as often as you like!) Writer/Producers Nicole Dubuc, Josh Haber, and Mike Vogel will test their wits in a ponified version of the NPR classic, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, followed by a panel and Q&A about bringing our favorite show to a smooth, feels-inducing landing. And comic book artist Andy Price and writer Jeremy Whitley will talk about the eagerly-awaited Season 10 and all things IDW.

So, join our Discord server, check out the BABSConline site, and let us bring you cheer clear until Sunday starts!

BABSCon 2020 is Canceled Due to COVID-19. Let’s Get Started on BABSCon 2021!

BABSCon 2020 is Canceled Due to COVID-19. Let’s Get Started on BABSCon 2021!

As a community organization, we have an obligation to promote safety in all our activities. Given the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it is with a heavy heart that we’re canceling our BABSCon 2020 event in accordance with State and local government requirements.

We are, however, returning for BABSCon 2021 on Easter weekend, April 2–4, 2021, at our traditional venue, the Hyatt Regency SFO. But we need your help to do that, so we’re asking all of you to take just a small leap of faith to support us.

We're automatically transferring all 2020 memberships to 2021 to make it as easy as possible for you to join us then. You won’t need to do a thing! But, if you can't make it next year, then you can make other arrangements such as transferring your registration to someone else, opting for a Spirit Badge, or requesting a refund. Please email us at by June 1 with any refund requests.

All of our 2020 vendors, community guests, musicians, and panelists are also guaranteed their spots for BABSCon 2021 if they want to stick with us.

Additionally, all of our 2020 Guests of Honor—Nicole Oliver, Daniel Ingram, Grey DeLisle, Vincent Tong, Peter New, Josh Haber, Gail Simone, Andy Price, Jeremy Whitley, plus a couple we didn’t have the chance to announce yet!—have already committed to attend BABSCon 2021.

If you can, please consider donating to our two amazing charities who put in a lot of work to help us plan fun events for BABSCon 2020. With the loss of the donations we would have been able to make this Easter, they could really use your help!

Our vendors are an important part of the BABSCon experience, and we understand they are hit hard by this situation. Please support our vendors by browsing and purchasing their wares here.

We would like to thank the Hyatt Regency SFO for working with us to avoid all cancellation fees. We know that this has been a stressful time for them as they have had to deal with many cancellations, not just ours. They have been nothing but supportive to us and have been a wonderful home for our con since our conception. We are so pleased to be returning to them in 2021.

It is our hope that you, our family of fans for the last seven years, will support us in returning next year to bring you all the fun and friendship of our six previous events, and then some.

We dearly want to continue serving this fandom, and with your help, we know that we can. Please follow us on social media—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and now Twitch—for further updates. We also encourage you to join our Discord server, and consider supporting us by buying great BABSCon swag on our online merch store.

If you have any general questions for us, please email Any registration-specific questions can be sent to

Yours in friendship,
—The BABSCon Staff

PS: We have some great ideas brewing for things we can do to make the intervening year more fun for everyone, so stay tuned! 

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Vincent Tong Joins BABSCon 2020 in a Flash

Vincent Tong Joins BABSCon 2020 in a Flash

The lights darken, a dramatic bass guitar thump repeats. You feel the intro deep in your bones and you know that we at BABSCon 2020 can only be announcing one man at long, long last: FLASH! (ahh-AHHHH!) Or, as we know this savior of the universe, Vincent Tong!

(Check out Vincent’s Flashy announcement video here!)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls fans know Vincent as several ponies and assorted creatures. He’s chill Student 6 member Sandbar, the charmless Prince Blueblood, mean old Garble the dragon, purveyor of pastry Donut Joe, the oh-so-fey Feather Bangs, and of course, FLASH…Sentry, waifu-stealer extraordinaire.

But you may also know Vincent as Prince Kasef in The Dragon Prince, Kai in Ninjago and Lego Ninjago, The Mandarin in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Mega Man in Mega Man: Fully Charged, Ant Nekton in The Deep, Daniel in Voltron Force, Detective Matsuda in Death Note, and so many more.

Vincent joins Guests of Honor Nicole Oliver, Daniel Ingram, Grey DeLisle-Griffin, Peter New, Josh Haber, Gail Simone, Andy Price, and Jeremy Whitley. And don’t worry, we still have more to come!

So just how flash is Vincent? He’s so flash, we’re having a Flash Sale for 15% off any tier BABSCon membership with promo code FLASH, ending this Sunday, March 1!

Register now (using promo code FLASH) so you don’t miss Vincent and friends, book that hotel room, maybe volunteer if you want to help make the con possible, and come have fun with us as BABSCon just keeps going BEYOND!

(Art by Grems, video by Alex Inman)

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BABSCon Gets On the (Space)Ball with Josh Haber!

BABSCon Gets On the (Space)Ball with Josh Haber!

It takes a man of quality…a man of fortitude…a man of ACTION to land the good ship My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at the end of its nine-year odyssey. Thankfully, our next Guest of Honor is a man imbued with just such qualities of greatness. He is: Josh Haber.

(Check out Josh’s cool announcement video here!)

Josh joined MLP:FiM in Season 4 and came out swinging with his first episode, “Castle Mane-ia.” Before long, he was practically running the place, either co- or lead story editing most of Seasons 6-9 and being a producer for the show. His episodes are some of the best in the series, including “The Cutie Re-Mark,” “Stranger Than Fan Fiction” (with Mike Vogel), “To Where and Back Again” (also with Vogel), “It Isn't the Mane Thing About You,” “Road to Friendship,” “Shadow Play” (with Nicole Dubuc), and of course, the liquid-pride-inducing series epilogue, “The Last Problem.”

Over on Equestria Girls, Josh wrote the third movie, Friendship Games, and the Rainbow Rocks shorts “Hamstocalypse Now!” and “Pinkie on the One.” He’s also responsible for MLP’s answer to quidditch, buckball, courtesy of “Buckball Season” and “Common Ground,” and—true story—made his pony con debut at the inaugural BABSCon back in 2014. 

Josh joins Guests of Honor Nicole Oliver, Daniel Ingram, Grey DeLisle-Griffin, Peter New, Gail Simone, Andy Price, and Jeremy Whitley. And don’t worry. We still have more to come!

Register now so you don’t miss Josh and the rest, book that hotel room, maybe volunteer if you want to help make the magic, and come play with us at our little soirée by the Bay as BABSCon continues to go BEYOND!

(Art by CuttleDreams, video by Alex Inman)

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BABSCon 2020 Aims to Misbehave with Jeremy Whitley

BABSCon 2020 Aims to Misbehave with Jeremy Whitley

As we continue our little trek through the ‘verse, the good ship BABSCon has picked up one shiny new passenger and we can’t wait to tell you all about him. It’s IDW, Marvel, and indie comics writing phenom, Jeremy Whitley!

(Check out his awesome announcement video here!)

Jeremy’s written some of our favorite My Little Pony comics from IDW, including the “Siege of the Crystal Empire” and “Tempest’s Tale” stories in Friendship is Magic, the King Sombra origin issue in FIENDship is Magic, the Nightmare Knights miniseries, the Legends of Magic maxi-series, and—SQUEE!—the upcoming “Season 10” story.

In addition, he wrote Vol. 1 of The Unstoppable Wasp and Fantastic Four: Future Foundation for Marvel, his own award-winning Princeless and Raven: The Pirate Princess, Rainbow Brite and Vampirella for Dynamite Comics, and more.

Jeremy joins Guests of Honor Nicole Oliver, Daniel Ingram, Grey DeLisle-Griffin, Peter New, Gail Simone, and Andy Price, with more still to come!

So register now and don’t miss your chance. While you’re there, book your hotel room for April 10–12, when we’re going BEYOND!

(Art by TheAwkwardDork, video by Alex Inman)

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