Community Guests

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 10 - April 12, 2020

Community Guests 2020!

Each year we bring in artists, animators, crafters, game makers, and YouTubers from best parts of the fandom and give them the spotlight at BABSCon. From panels and special events to games and sneak peaks, our Community Guests add a whole new level of awesome to BABS.


RiffPoniesTired of your average, everyday ponies? Now, try RIFFPONIES! Straight from the armpit of the country known as "New Jersey" comes the snarkiest panel team in the fandom, led by Pony panelist extraordinaire Thoth Penswell & Pony animator Acesential! From kazoos, to bad fan-fiction readings, to drunk Pony trivia game shows, RiffPonies is guaranteed to deliver you laughs and a few surprises along the way! 11 out of 10 horse doctors agree, RiffPonies are your go-to-guys for Pony comedy content! Twitter Facebook

Hoof Hearted

Hoof HeartedThe stink is back! Hoof Hearted is a small horse media group consisting of Gregdawg, Duster Dawnhorse, and Trebird that's covered cartoons such as My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, and more! Nowadays, they mostly create parodies and host panels at conventions. You likely know them for their Read it and Weep Panel, beloved comrade Cousin Gregori, off-putting pizza box masks, and...breakfast cereal? Weird. The most important thing to know about them is that they're always down to have a good time! Twitter YouTube


SabersparkSaberspark is a Youtuber who does animation analysis and reviews on his channel. With an audience of over half a million subscribers, Saber tries to provide fun and informative content for his viewers
Twitter YouTube


ACRacebestACRacebest is a mechanical engineer best known for his Youtube series “Bronies React”. He specializes in destroying cars, trying to be funny and wishing he had a pizza. With an accumulated 31 million views online, he continues to produce comedy sketches, vlogs, and more, while entertaining live audiences on multiple stages and venues. There’s also rumor that he’s fond of Zootopia.
Keep an eye out during the convention as Race is known to vlog his adventures.
Twitter Facebook YouTube

Clear Skies

Clear SkiesCreator of the Roan RPG and professional game consultant out from the east-coast! Roan - A diesel-magitech tabletop adventure game that was successfully kickstarted at Bronycon and shipped world wide to bring fans of 1940s pulp action adventure together. Twitter Website

Sky Brush

Sky BrushBaron Engel has been a free-lance illustrator since the late 1980s. He’s done illustration work for books, magazines and comics; along with concept design for video games and preproduction art for film and television. He's been involved in various fandoms since 1989. However in 2011 he discovered Friendship is Magic, and he continues enjoy it and the fandom that supports it.

Today Baron along with his wife run a freelance art company called Smudgemarks and Engelwerks. His current interests include lucid dreaming, storytelling, history, aviation, 5th Edition D&D, military history, motor vehicles, cooking, reading, good coffee, fine spirits, and world-building. Twitter Facebook Company store Patreon Deviant Art Picarto

Silver Quill

Silver QuillWriter, artist, and video editor, Silver Quill has served many roles in the Brony fandom. Starting out with comics he eventually gained a YouTube following by combining classical ideas with modern expressions and slapstick humor. He became an editorial writer for Equestria Daily and a frequent guest on Bronies React. Babscon was the first MLP convention he ever attended and has made it a point to come back each year since. Twitter YouTube



Who is this goofball? And why can't people stop staring at that mustache?

Dusty's life is a manly checklist. The son of an auto worker (have you driven a Ford lately?), high school and college athlete (baseball, football), former bodyguard and ranch hand, trained Big Time wrestler, and Harley mechanic whose custom motorcycles have appeared on the cover of "Easyriders". A pessimist would say "he can't make up his mind"; an optimist would say "no single career is big enough for his mustache".

And he watches a cartoon show intended for little girls. Well, what do you expect from the Manliest Brony in the World?

What’s with that? Well, aside from making him grin like someone who just found a twenty dollar bill in his underwear, it's given him a chance to do what he does best: ham it up. Dusty is known primarily for his former show "Stay Brony My Friends", his YouTube videos which have gone viral, and separating convention-goers from their money at charity auctions. Dusty fearlessly treads upon the crushed skulls of YouTube trolls and hack journalists as he destroys stereotypes. What he is most proud of, though, is his fans. The finest bronies in the world (his audience… that includes YOU, right?) have come together to raise over 50,000 dollars for a variety of charities. This has also piqued the curiosity of documentary filmmakers.

He can be seen in "Thatch and Dial", a Youtube series he is collaborating on with Andy Stein (Mandopony), as well at the Analyst Anarchy TF2 series with Dr. Wolf and friends. His continued appearances on Bronies React, and he has lent his voice to "Backstrap" in the Fallout Equestria radio play by East Corp. Productions as well as in the animation "Allister and Melody" by Luximus as Randy (hot dog guy), and you will see him in the Music Video for Metallica's song "Halo on Fire"

He co-starred in a student film called "Under" with an on screen roll and he is also the Audiobook narrator for the Fantasy/Sci-Fi "Portals of Infinity" series, book 3 "Of Temples and Trials" , book 4 "The Sea of Grass" and Book 5 "Demigods and Deities" are all available on both Audible and books with more to come!

Stay Brony, my Friends. Twitter Facebook YouTube


yaashoYaasho is a 3D animation hobbyist who uses Source Filmmaker as their go-to animation program. He has been animating on and off for about 4 years and has created works such as [SFM Ponies] Lone Digger and has contributed to different animation collaborations in the fandom. Yaasho was also the director for the animation project Doors 3: The Finale and is the current head administrator for SFM Ponies. Twitter YouTube

Minty Root

Minty RootFrom the mystical land of Canada comes Minty Root, a brony fan animator with a passion for filmmaking and visual effects. At first a simple brony who tried out fan animations as a hobby, he is now using his experience as a visual effects artist in the movie industry to add a cinematic touch to his My Little Pony fan animations. Twitter YouTube

EG Studios

EG StudiosEG Studios is a hardworking 2D Animator and part time Reviewer on My Little Pony and Disney films. He's been around the MLP fandom since 2011 as he was striving his skill in animation. Over the years his style has changed from puppet animation to Hand drawn work as a freelance animator. While his future animations are in the works whether it's Pony, Disney, or Original, he keeps his Youtube channel active in reviewing MLP Symbolically in "Pony Analogies" and Reviewing Disney films in "Disney Cinemagic". Twitter


DaWillstanator/ThespioBest known for his work in productions such as Daughter of Discord, TF2 Analysis Anarchy & Fall of an Empire, DaWillstanator (aka Thespio) is a fan voice actor, singer & video/audio producer based in Los Angeles, and has been a proud brony since 2012. He's been attending BabsCon since the very beginning and is always excited for every upcoming year. Twitter Facebook YouTube

Sweetie Bloom

Sweetie BloomSweetie Bloom started as a YouTube reviewer of Friendship is Magic back in 2013 using her perspective from her own life and experience in the animal care field to bring new ideas to the table. Since then she has appeared in multiple other works such as Antony C's Nightmare Nights 2014 and TF2: Analysis Anarchy among countless others. She's done scripting and voice work on multiple channels (occasionally her own) and has been a part of the con community as staff and panelist alike. She has gained a reputation as "The Shipping Queen" as well as "Fandom Mom" to those whose projects she helps support. Recently she's become more active on Twitter where she can be found making random musing and getting into gif wars with other members of the community. Twitter YouTube

Josh Scorcher

Josh ScorcherKABOOM! It's Josh Scorcher! The Fiery Joker has been doing YouTube for over a decade, slowly building his audience while balancing a military career and then college. He is most known for his gaming countdowns and rants with mini-editorials about a various topic. He is the co-creator of TF2 Analysis Anarchy and CO of FOBEquestria, a military brony organization, and the host and dungeon master of four online D&D campaigns: Welcome to the Show, Tyranny of Dragons, Ravnica: The Living Maze, and Princes of the Apocalypse. Twitter YouTube

Aramau the Fiery Secretary

Aramau the Fiery SecretaryAramau the Fiery Secretary is the personal secretary to Commander Firebrand of Forward Operating Base Equestria. She first appeared in "Taking the One Where Pinkie Pie Knows Too Seriously ft. Mad Munchkin," and has since become a regular member of the series. She also has her own channel on Youtube. Outside of Equestria, she is Josh Scorcher's wife, real-life secretary, and a huge fanfiction nerd. Twitter YouTube YouTube FOBEquestria

Martial Bronies

Martial BroniesAn emerging group of martial artists in the Brony community, the Martial Bronies are stepping up to provide some unique interactive experiences for the convention scene. Since their debut at EQLA 2017, they have been introducing many fellow bronies to the wonderful world of martial arts, and the many benefits it brings. They also offer individual events that calls upon the unique talents each of their members brings to the table, to inspire you in your journey of self discovery and personal development.Twitter Facebook Instagram



Scowl master and convention killer, twitter snark extraordinaire. Twitter

Mummified Tony

Mummified TonyTony was the host and manager of the then hit show Your OC Sucks. His team set out to shine a light on great OCs, and help fix and build struggling OCs. Since the shows end he has continued to try to be a positive face in the community and help bolster friendship and fun for everyone. Tony has hosted many panels to help give life and guidance to character creators. Chances are, if you have gone to a pony con, you've seen Tony around, he's hard to miss. Keep an eye out tho he has worked hard at expanding his cosplay game and always tried to bring fresh new ideas to life.Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr  Youtube Podcast Youtube Personal

Fiaura The Tank Girl

Fiaura The Tank GirlFiaura The Tank Girl does scientific analysis of fandoms from 40K to My Little Pony. No fandom is beyond the look of the eye of science! In addition this, she is the writer and author of Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree and the Actress for Queen Quake of Babscon. Come see the insanity she has brought together or what science can wrought for Merchandise pieces from Glassware and Tins to Metallic Prints and Bottlecaps! Twitter Facebook

David Silver

David SilverThat manic writer that has brought you millions of words, and also Ponyfinder, the game that brings ponies and Dungeons and Dragons together as they were MEANT to be! Twitter Facebook

Lightning Bliss

Lightning BlissMeet Lightning Bliss, the spunky, tiny, rainbow alicorn of the Brony Analysis Community, proud member of the Secret Rift Cafe as well as the Blue Team's "Heavy" and Lead Editor for Josh Scorcher's and DRWolf's TF2: Analysis Anarchy Series! When she's not reviewing or training on the battlefield, she's learning how to control her magic, work on her artwork and animation, or is up to silly shenanigans with her friends amongst the Brony Community! With her pet and guard dog Twink the rainbow monster watching over her, Lightning Bliss takes on the world, exploring new conventions and making new friends and meeting her fans! So keep an eye out for her, she would love to meet you all, but don’t call her cute! If you do, you risk getting zapped with her rainbows!Twitter Facebook YouTube

Rainb0w Dashie

Rainb0w DashieRainb0w Dashie, a self-proclaimed "Jack-of-all-pony-trades", is a 26 year old Chicagoland brony whose interest in ponies sometimes borders on an obsession. He has been writing and drawing ponies for almost 10 years now and is currently writing some novel-length pony stories.
More importantly he is an an online cool-dude one of the most chillest bronies in the fandom; come chill with him! Twitter Website

Princess Deadpool (AutoKnight01)

Princess Deadpool (AutoKnight01)The princess of the fourth wall is back at his very first venue appearance to bring smiles, randomness, and who knows what else? Princess Deadpool loves the show and fandom like any other and does his own reaction and skit videos for his Youtube channel. Whatever convention he can go to, he loves to encourage people to embrace their inner weirdness and let it shine for all the world to see. After all, there's really no such thing as normal, but there are millions of different types of weird. And he wants to see them all.Twitter Facebook YouTube

The Barcast

The BarcastThe Barcast is a user submitted podcast where you request the guest, you ask the questions, and we make everyone miserable for 2 hours every weekend! Come on by and see us sit down with some of the fandom pillars through the years and discover the answers to questions you want to ask!Twitter YouTube


TheLooneyTurtleLooney the turtle and Erik the human have been creating analysis/review videos on YouTube since late 2013. Erik is the main voice of these videos, and his adorable turtle buddy Looney pops in to ask the tough questions. Their more well-known videos include “Rise and Fall of Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends” “ What REALLY Happened To Pink Diamond” and “Star’s New Mentor.” This duo has also created a fair amount of pony related videos such as “Debunking destiny: Twilight’s kingdom” and “The World Is Broken” where they discuss the characters and the writing that goes into them. Twitter Facebook Website

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