Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 19 - April 22, 2019

Spend your bits on some ponies

Every year BABSCon has dealers coming from all around the country to fill our enormous two room vendor hall! Art prints, figurines, games, jewelry, drinkware, plushies, and even more cool stuff you have to see to believe are just the tip of what's available. There's even been a licensed tattoo artist who set up shop! The Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange is fun for the whole family so grab your bits, your tax return, and make sure to leave some space in your luggage!

BABSCon's Con-Store: BABSwag

BABSCon hosts its own booth where official convention merchandise may be purchased. Regular items include shirts, pins, lanyards, bags, plushies, and more. Official Convention Merchandise items are being sold all weekend, however supplies are limited so be sure to grab your favorite BABSCon merch before we run out! 

Vendors by Table Number

Table Number Vendor Name Table Number Vendor Name
A1 The Fizzy Filly Bath Products G2, G3 Lucky Pony Tattoo
A2, A3 Ruirik's Woodcrafts G4, G5, J1 Torben Goldmund's Art "N" Prints
A4 Ponies by RubioWolf H1 AphelionMars and Studio Princely
A5, A6 InkKey Studios H2 Sycamore Studios
A8 Darth Rush Custom Arts H3 RatofDrawn
A9 Epic Loot H4 Turnip Arts
A10 GingerBreadArts Paracord Pony H5 Bright Crystal Studios
A11 The Rainbow Table H6 Tsitra360 Illustration
A12 Keyframe Productions H7, H8 MidnightPremiere
B1 KritterKlips H9 Twisted Sketch Productions
B2 KefkaFloyd Art & Lights H10, H11 Sophie Scruggs Art
B3 Moozua H12 Earth-Pony Creations
B4 BefishProductions H13 Agnes Garbowska
B5 Duster's Spicy Meme Shack H14 Sara Richard
B6 Shepherd Lady Arts H15 Tony Fleecs
B7 ROAN RPG H16 Andy Price
B8 Snuggle Trumpet Jerseys H17, H18 KLPlushies
C1 Plush by Anto J2 Variety Custom Guitars
C2, C3 Dead Tree Studios J3 LiL Moon Crafts & Cute Parade
D1, D2 Traveling Pony Museum J4, J5, J6 Choco Pony Tarot
D3, D4 Sugar Mint Cafe J7, K1 Waffle Wishes
E1 Wintre, Kelly, & Patch Pony Arts K2 Ardail's Coffey Shop
E2 Equestria Plush K3 Dawnfire's Art
E3 kpon/Dshou K4 Shipping and Handling
E4 Way2Weird Productions and Lux Arts L1, L2 Ruef n' Beeb
E5, E6 Sky RR L3 Viw's Art
E7 My Little Ties L4 Bobdude Draws
F1 AssasinMonkey L5, L6 Boiler3
F2 Fiaura The Tank Girl N1 Flying Hands Mobile Massage
F3 Phobe and Her Unicorn N3 The Brony Thank You Fund
F4 Fey Market Custom Ponies P1 Vanhoover Pony Expo
F5, F6 Silver Games LLC/Ponyfinder P2 MAGWest
G1 SeaBronies P3 Bronycon

Vendors & Artists Policy and Application

Application are closed. Click here for Vendor Policies

Hurry now and secure your membership for BABSCon 2019!