BronyChef Meal Addon

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 19 - April 22, 2019

Brony Chef Presents An Equestrian Meal Experience

Join us for a feast of pony inspired delights in four amazing meals, each inspired by a region from Equestria, and masterfully recreated by The Brony Chef, exclusively for BABSCon 2019! 30% of proceeds from this event will be donated to this year's charities!

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  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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Breakfast at Sweet Apple Acres.

3 course breakfast


Apple Surprise
A sweet organic, hoof harvested apple by Granny Smith herself, baked apple, filled with a mix of nuts, and a sweet and savory crumble made out of bacon and maple syrup, all covered with Phyllo pastry.

Main Course:

Dandelion sandwich.
Sourdough bread, toasted with a dandelion butter, with a gorgeous mix of microgreens (celery, broccoli, cantaloupe) with a green mix made out of baked kale and fresh red lettuce, with a drizzle of yolk mayonnaise.


Apple Fritters.
Sweet Apple Acres Prime dessert, nothing says welcome home than a hot homemade apple fritter, AppleJack's Secret recipe.

Brunch at Sugar Cube Corner.

3 course brunch


Bacon cupcakes
Pinkie Pie with a Special collab with Gilda, have created the ultimate Bacon cupcakes, a well-balanced bacon, oatmeal, vanilla, apples & maple Syrup cupcake that will delight your palate.

Main Course:

Hay Burger.
Sourdough bread, with a soy, lentil & black bean patty, topped with deep fried potatoes that have been fried in peanut oil at (356 Fahrenheit) until crisp, topped with butter lettuce and pickled apples.


Habanero, Mango & Marigold gelato.

Lunch at The Crystal Empire.

3 course lunch


Slow braised chicken with cinnamon, honey milk, and organic milk.

Main Course:

Joust Favourite.
Roasted Heirloom carrots, glazed with aged (5 months) cinnamon & clove honey, with a 72 hour dark demi-glace.


Triple raised Sicilian dough with figs, jasmine honey , goat soft cheese, baby arugula, with sweet & salty macadamia nuts.

Canterlot’s Dinner.

6 course dinner


Lemon mousse tapa, topped with sugar beet microgreen & edible flowers.


A mix of fresh & organic lettuce, arugula, walnuts, quail eggs, with a vanilla vinaigrette.

Main Course:

Sous-vide Filet Mignon with a crust of Hibiscus & Chile guajillo, with a demi-glace sauce of Draught beer, flamed with single malt whisky. Hidden under a curtain of cotton candy

Palate Cleanser:

Chile guajillo & berries mix granite.

Dessert 1:

Impossible cake with an isomalt bubble smoked with chocolate & tobacco

Dessert 2:


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