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How to BABSCon (2018 Fables & Fantasy Edition!)

How to BABSCon (2018 Fables & Fantasy Edition!)

The magical day has finally arrived for a long weekend of Fables & Fantasy. BABSCon is about to begin, and we hope you’re ready to wear your most fantastical cosplay (or at least your Sunday best). But first, you need to know a few things!

  1. BABSCon is on Guidebook for 2018! Download the Guidebook app onto your iOS or Android mobile device, or just browse it on the web to get all the info you need. Plan your con, stay informed, get alerts… all free to you!
  2. This year’s theme: Fables & Fantasy! Join the fun by adding a “Fables & Fantasy” flair to your wardrobe or cosplay. Think Renaissance, Victorian, Steampunk, Sci-Fi, whatever Fables & Fantasy means to you! Together we will transform the con space into a land of magic and fantasy!
  3. Da Rules™. Here's our Code of Conduct. Learn it, love it, live it. (It's also in Guidebook!)
  4. Our Schedule of Events. Just wanna browse the web without using the awesome BABSCon 2018 Guidebook? You can still use this old-fashioned link to see what's going on when. But Guidebook is still the way to go…hint, hint!
  5. Our Vendor Area. (Also available in Guidebook…you may sense a pattern developing here.) Plan where to spend all your bits…ALL OF THEM!
  6. The epic battle between Golden Gates & Queen Quake is coming to an end with the return of powered-up former henchpony, Diablo, possibly forcing mortal enemies into common cause. Catch up with how it all went down in 2016 & 2017, read the 2018 comics, and be ready to choose your side and support it throughout the con.
  7. 6-2-1. "What's 6-2-1?" we hear you ask. Simple…for every day of the con, every attendee (or staffer) should get at least: 6 hours of sleep, 2 nutritious meals, and 1 shower. AT. LEAST. No, a Red Bull and some Cheetos doesn't qualify as a "nutritious meal." People collapsing of exhaustion, low blood sugar, or dehydration don't have a lot of fun, and people who don't shower make things less fun for everyone around them. So…6-2-1, savvy?
  8. Stay Hydrated! In the same vein as 6-2-1 above, look for hydration stations and water service stations throughout the con space and the hotel to fill your water bottles and stay healthy.
  9. ENJOY BABSCon 2018!!

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