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BABSCon Welcomes Two Amazing Podcasts!

BABSCon Welcomes Two Amazing Podcasts!

We’re Thrilled to be Adding Flutterpriest & The Barcast, as well as Hoof Hearted, to our Community Guest Lineup!

2017 may be drawing to a close, but we’re far from finished with new announcements! Join us as we welcome The Barcast, and Hoof Hearted, to BABSCon 2018!  

With writing which has garnered over 1.5 million reads, and as one of the top 50 most followed writers on FiMFiction, as well as a member of a popular fandom podcast with interviews of other members of the fandom – we’re pleased as (Berry) Punch to welcome back Flutterpriest and The Barcast to BABSCon 2018!

Our next group has members who have been around since the early days of the fandom. Whether they're producing podcasts, analyzing the latest episode, making parody videos, interviewing your favorite guest of honor, or hosting panels at small horse conventions; they're always striving to keep you entertained: Hoof Hearted will be joining this year’s community guest lineup!

Check out their respective bios below, as they were provided to us:

Flutterpriest & The Barcast:

Flutterpriest first began writing Greentext stories on /mlp/ in mid-2013, and then transitioned to Fimfiction in early 2014. Currently, he remains one of the top 40 most followed writers on Fimfiction and one of the top most read authors in greentext. In late 2015, he and several other prominent writers (Anonpencil, Mikesnipe, Enigmatic Otaku, Ravvij, and Flammenwerfer) banded together to create the non-profit "Barcast" podcast, which interviews your favorite brony celebrities using (often inappropriate) questions that the watchers submit.

Hoof Hearted:

Hoof Hearted? They did, all the way back in 2014! This small group of friends from SoCal specializes in podcasts, interviews, reacts, parodies, and more. Since their inception, they’ve also hosted panels, sold artwork, interviewed show staff, worn many masks, and presented G.M. Berrow with off-brand boxes of cereal at brony conventions all across the country. Hoof Hearted has attended BABSCon every single year, and they couldn’t be more excited to be honored as community guests at their favorite con! (Their words, not ours!)

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