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Announcing the BABSCon 2018 Charities!

Announcing the BABSCon 2018 Charities!

We are delighted to announce that The Game Academy and Guitars not Guns are our designated charities for 2018. We will be raising funds in a number of auctions and other fun happenings throughout BABScon 2018 event. 

The Game Academy 
The Game Academy creates and supports game-based education that empowers life-long learners to achieve academic, social, emotional and personal success.
We engage imaginations with interactive games wherein communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking are the keys to unlocking adventures in learning. Our curriculum is designed to help players make enduring connections between what they know, what they are learning, and what is possible.
Most importantly, our games are designed to be FUN!

Guitars not Guns
We provide guitars and lessons to Foster children and at-risk youth in a classroom setting with qualified teachers as an alternative to violence. 
Guitars not Guns program is targeted to foster kids and at-risk youth ages 8-18 using high teacher-to-student ratios. Each class consists of a maximum of 10 students with three adult instructors. Each program is 8 weeks long with a one hour session each week. In addition to learning how to master changing from one chord to another, children learn perseverance & discipline and build self-esteem. More importantly, the kids learn to enjoy the interaction and have fun in a group setting. Those kids who complete the full 8 week program have earned the right to keep the guitar and are invited to return for a second 8-week session of more advanced instruction. They’ve earned it.

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