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Amy Keating Rogers Gives BABSCon its Cutie Mark this March!

Amy Keating Rogers Gives BABSCon its Cutie Mark this March!

For the first time since our inaugural con in 2014, BABSCon is honored to announce the bard of pickle barrels, kumquats, and chimicherrychangas—the one and only Amy Keating Rogers—will be joining us this March!

It’s no stretch to say that Amy is among the most beloved of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s writers, given that her credits include (among others) “Fall Weather Friends,” “A Dog and Pony Show,” “The Best Night Ever,” “Pinkie Pride,” “Testing Testing 1, 2, 3” and “Canterlot Boutique” before giving the Cutie Mark Crusaders their cutie marks at long last in “Crusaders of the Lost Mark.”

If you’ve ever sung along to Pinkie Pie’s “Smile Song” or any of the “Weird Al” Yancovic-fueled madness in “Pinkie Pride,” you have Amy to thank. (She might even be an evil enchantress!)

Outside of MLP, Amy’s illustrious credits include episodes of The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Dexter’s Laboratory, Fairly Oddparents, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Danny Phantom. During her recent time at the House of Mouse, she was writing for their Star Darlings franchise.

Amy is known throughout the pony world for her warmth, humor, and mad ukulele skills, and we couldn’t be happier to have her back. She’ll be joining Kelly Sheridan and Trevor Devall among our Guests of Honor.

You don’t want to miss out on your first chance to see Amy at BABSCon in four years, so register now!

(Art by GingerBreadArts)

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