Community Guests

Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
March 30 - April 1, 2018

"Came for the show, stayed for the fandom."

Each year we bring in artists, animators, crafters, game makers, and YouTubers from best parts of the fandom and give them the spotlight at BABSCon. From panels and special events to games and sneak peaks, our Community Guests add a whole new level of awesome to BABS.

Check out the bios of all of our announced community guests (more to come!), as they were provided to us:


Minty Root

Minty Root is a Canadian fan animator, known for his work on Luna's Determination, Good Morning Baltimare and many more animated projects.
He's interested in cinematic storytelling, dramatic lighting and ambiance, but also cute little ponies.







I’m known as the creator of the My Little Pony meets series on Youtube. Some of my most notable works include Batman, Spider-Man, Rapunzel, Elsa and Sailor Moon meets MLP!






Lightning Bliss

Meet Lightning Bliss, the spunky, tiny, rainbow alicorn of the Brony Analysis Community, proud member of the Secret Rift Cafe as well as the Blue Team's "Heavy" and Lead Editor for Josh Scorcher's and DRWolf's TF2: Analysis Anarchy Series! When she's not reviewing or training on the battlefield, she's learning how to control her magic, work on her artwork and animation, or is up to silly shenanigans with her friends amongst the Brony Community! With her pet and guard dog Twink the rainbow monster watching over her, Lightning Bliss takes on the world, exploring new conventions and making new friends and meeting her fans! So keep an eye out for her, she would love to meet you all, but don’t call her cute! If you do! You risk getting zapped with




I'm an amateur Source Filmmaker (SFM) animator with roughly 3 years of experience who loves animating ponies! It's one of my favorite hobbies next to playing World of Warcraft (For the Horde!). Coffee and beef
jerky are two addictions of mine. Someday, I hope to travel across Europe.



Josh Scorcher

KABOOM! It's Josh Scorcher! The fiery joker has been doing YouTube for almost a decade, slowly building his audience while balancing a military career and then college. He is the co-creator of TF2 Analysis Anarchy and CO of FOBEquestria, a military brony organization, and the host and dungeon master of two Brony D&D campaigns: Welcome to the Show and Curse of Strahd.






Silver Quill

Before he became a comic writer and Youtuber reviewer, Silver Quill attended his first Brony convention courtesy of Babscon. Since then he began to gain an audience with short comics and his ongoing "A Princess' Tears" story. As his interest in the show deepened he began producing a video series titled "After the Fact", which has earned over 14,500 subscribers. Now a regular to contributor to Equestria Daily while maintaining both comics and videos, Silver is more involved in the Brony fandom than ever. He strives to take a closer look at characters, stories, and themes while adding a dash of humor.


Dr. Wolf

Greetings and Welcome Everyone. Though many know DRWolf through Reviews and Analysis of MLP, many others enjoy the ongoing "TF2 Analysis Anarchy" series as well as the long list of Dramatic Readings he's put together of MLP Fan Fictions from the community. He actually started a Youtube channel to work on his voice acting, but it's still a lot of fun to find what inspires him about MLP. The show and the fandom surrounding it has become rather intriguing. Quite unlike anything that he has come across before. Perhaps if you stay awhile, he can help you to find some inspiration too.



Flutterpriest & The Barcast

Flutterpriest first began writing Greentext stories on /mlp/ in mid-2013, and then transitioned to Fimfiction in early 2014. Currently, he remains one of the top 40 most followed writers on Fimfiction and one of the top most read authors in greentext. In late 2015, he and several other prominent writers (Anonpencil, Mikesnipe, Enigmatic Otaku, Ravvij, and Flammenwerfer) banded together to create the non-profit "Barcast" podcast, which interviews your favorite brony celebrities using (often inappropriate) questions that the watchers submit.


Hoof Hearted

Hoof Hearted? They did, all the way back in 2014! This small group of friends from SoCal specializes in podcasts, interviews, reacts, parodies, and more. Since their inception, they’ve also hosted panels, sold artwork, interviewed show staff, worn many masks, and presented G.M. Berrow with off-brand boxes of cereal at brony conventions all across the country. Hoof Hearted has attended BABSCon every single year, and they couldn’t be more excited to be honored as community guests at their favorite con! (Their words, not ours!)



Railroad Bronies

Started in 2013, after thinking about how and what to do in order to contribute to the Brony Fandom, the Railroad Bronies (RRB) was started as a way to express our love for trains and MLP in the brony fandom. The Railroad Bronies over the years have branched out and have made many friends through out the brony fandom and across the world. The Railroad Bronies have been featured & mentioned in several different media/news articles, such as: Trains Magazine, LA Weekly, LALS Engine Booster & A Brony Tale. It is actually very surprising to find out how many train enthusiasts are within this community ours. From Rail fanning to model railroading, Live Steam & even the occasionally tomfoolery railroad brony skit, the RRB have gone on and had many adventures involving trains & MLP a like. The Railroad Bronies always love meeting new brony railroaders to talk to so come by and say hi. Also the Railroad Bronies have a big weakness for LENINADE (a soda pop either created by Pinkie Pie or Starlight Glimmer)



I was first introduced to the My Little Pony fandom in 2015 after viewing some fan made Parody animations of the show after which I spent the next year or so consuming all the fan made content I could find. All of this occurred before I even watched a single episode of the show.  Once I ran out of the fan content I decided it was time to give the source material a chance and proceeded to binge watch seasons one through five and found it to be very entertaining. Shortly after this event I was introduced to the Equestria Amino community which I joined as my first participation in the Brony Community at large. This gave me the opportunity to start writing analysis and theory blogs as well as other content for the community to enjoy. I became very involved in Equestria Amino and was made a Curator after a short while, responsible for helping maintain the guidelines of the community and eventually became the Head Leader when the original Leader decided to retire.  Our community is now nearing 130,000 members after being open for a year and a bit and it continues to grow! I enjoy attending the conventions and volunteering my time to help make them run as smoothly as possible so that all attendees can enjoy themselves thoroughly!





Who is this goofball? And why can’t people stop staring at that mustache?

Dusty's life is a manly checklist. The son of an auto worker (have you driven a Ford lately?), high school and college athlete (baseball, football), former bodyguard and ranch hand, trained Big Time wrestler, and Harley mechanic whose custom motorcycles have appeared on the cover of “Easyriders”. A pessimist would say “he can’t make up his mind”; an optimist would say “no single career is big enough for his mustache”.

And he watches a cartoon show intended for little girls. Well, what do you expect from the Manliest Brony in the World?

What’s with that? Well, aside from making him grin like someone who just found a twenty dollar bill in his underwear, it’s given him a chance to do what he does best: ham it up. Dusty is known primarily for his former show “Stay Brony My Friends”, his YouTube videos which have gone viral, and separating convention-goers from their money at charity auctions. Dusty fearlessly treads upon the crushed skulls of YouTube trolls and hack journalists as he destroys stereotypes. What he is most proud of, though, is his fans. The finest bronies in the world (his audience… that includes YOU, right?) have come together to raise over 50,000 dollars for a variety of charities. This has also piqued the curiosity of documentary filmmakers.

He can be seen in “Thatch and Dial”, a Youtube series he is collaborating on with Andy Stein (Mandopony), as well at the Analyst Anarchy TF2 series with Dr. Wolf and friends.  His continued appearances on Bronies React, and new gig as multiple characters on the Fallout Equestria radio play by East Corp. Productions as well as in the animation “Allister and Melody by Luximus.

He co-starred in a student film called “Under” with an on screen roll. And completed his first book narrations in the “Portals of Infinity” series with book 3 “Of Temples and Trials”  and book 4 “The Sea of Grass” on both Audible and Ibooks.

Stay Brony, my Friends.


Urban Meadows & BUCK: Legacy

Harrison Hochkins is the British indie games developer behind the pony dungeon crawling card game Buck: Legacy. Get an exclusive first look at his new games - only at BABScon!







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