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Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 14-16, 2017 - Hyatt Regency SFO
Burlingame, CA



BABSCon’s final Community Guest for the 2017 convention slides right on into the festivities on Friday night! The Bay Area Brony Spectacular knows the the Friday Night Red Carpet Party is something you can’t see, you’ve gotta feel it! So get ready to boogie woogie, woogie here there and everywhere with VinylTastic as your guide!

VinylTastic is ready to shock you with his electrifying sets full of Electro House & Bounce. After joining forces with PonyvilleFM and taking the world by storm with his radio show “Scratching The Surface”. He’s ready to take to the stage and leave you asking for more. This will be one set that you won’t want to miss!

VinylTastic joins Lochlan O’Neil, Rabbit, Self Snapshots, The Paper Pony, The Chocolate Pony, Argodaemon, WeimTime, Magpiepony, Saberspark, ToonKriticy2k, Corpulent Brony, ACRacebest, Dusty Katt, Doctor Wolf, Josh Scorcher, Silver Quill, Minty Root and Duo Cartoonist as Community Guests this year at BABSCon.

Only eleven (11) sponsor tickets that include the Guest of Honor Meet and Greet are still available, BABSCon is running a fire sale on them! You don’t want to lose out on this opportunity, so register today:

BABSCon looks forward to seeing you this weekend in San Francisco! Be sure to stop by and see all the Guests of Honor, Community Guests, and Musical Guests BABSCon has to offer! And keep an eye on your local Brony News Site for any last minute news and announcements!

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