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Bay Area Brony Spectacular

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
April 14-16, 2017 - Hyatt Regency SFO
Burlingame, CA

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The Fun Has Been Tripled! 

Three days of fun and excitement for fans of every age is what awaits you every year at BABSCon. Our 2017 event at the newly renovated SFO Hyatt Regency will be filled with panels, workshops, games, contests, music, and so much more. From our industry Guests of Honor speaking on their careers and their passions, to bronies collaborating on their creations and ideas, to our Cutie Mark Crusader Clubhouse pavilion for the younger fans of My Little Pony, BABSCon always has something, if not eight things, going on all the time.

Presenting a Piece of You

A majority of BABSCon Panels, workshops, lectures, and gaming events are put on and run by fans like you! Our schedule is almost set and will feature content about voice acting, art, animation, crafting, sewing, cosplay, fandom groups and more. We'll also see a ton of meetups, games, contests, and panels featuring our Industry Guests of Honor. 

Children's Programming

BABSCon features all day programming just for kids, from story-telling with the talented voice actors behind their favorite character to games, activities, and more. Located in the Hyatt Regency's pool-side pavilion, the Crusader's Clubhouse is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the main con space and is a fun, safe space for children and their guardians to have fun together. Remember, children get discounted admission and those 6 and under get in free. Click below to learn more about our planned children's activities.

Children's Programming


Every year we put on a BABSCon's NEIGHhem concert with acts from the best brony musical talents. An hours-long concert usually held Saturday night, NEIGHhem will feature a wide variety of musical genres to excite every eardrum. Click below to learn more about this rockin' part of BABSCon.

NEIGHhem Concert

The Voice: Equestria Season 4

Technically the longest running event every year, The Voice: Equestria isn't to find the best singer, but the best voice actor or actress in the fandom. Starting later this year, submissions will open for the applicants to submit their videos flaunting their talented tongues as they show off their own unique voices (and maybe a few familiar ones) in hopes of making the cut. Then, our staff judges will select a handful of individuals to perform live, in Mane Hall, in front of a panel of our Guests of Honor, to compete for the title of The Voice: Equestria! Click below to learn about submitting, view current submissions, and some of last years' winners.

The Voice: Equestria

Golden Gates' Cosplay Contest

A convention staple, our Cosplay Contest seeks to discover not only whose cosplay is the best of the best, but also the most well made, the fan favorite, the best skit, the most entertaining group, and of course, the cutest crusaders (the kiddos of course). Come either join or spectate this contest and you might just see your favorite pony, changeling, or dragon come to life on stage. Click below for more info on rules, judging, and when to apply (walk-ons welcome of course).

Cosplay Contest